Tuesday, August 21

Do you know what you need?

Mom, do you know what you need?, says my eldest child today. 

Um, yes.  I need 8 arms to take care of everything, you could call me Octomom even though I only have seven kids.  I need to be more patient with a screaming toddler.  I need to let go of stresses and not allow them to turn into a monster headache.  I need to bake just enough cookies for the kids to enjoy, and not leave extras lying around for me to devour hidden in the corner of the kitchen. 

Oh, wait.  You already had something in mind?  I seriously thought he was going to suggest some new cleaning product he had invented in his mind, since he was dusting when he asked me the question. 

You need a trip to Paris. 

Now, this I like! 

You really like the Eiffel Tower, and it would be a good break for you. 

I like how this guy thinks. 

He is going to be a wonderful husband someday. 

3 comments on "Do you know what you need?"
  1. Ummm...ask him if he thinks you need a friend to go along...because I know JUST the girl...

  2. How cute. I love it. Now when will he pay for you to go ;) ?


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