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Cloth Diapers for Emmalie

Our family has been using cloth diapers for two years now, starting out when Gabrielle was around five months old. We have more or less, settled into a style of cloth diapering that we like and we think is the most effective for us.

We currently have three bambinos in diapers, and cloth diapering is the most cost effective method of diapering hands-down. I get comments that I'm crazy to be cloth diapering, but really it's so simple and easy. We love it.

We use disposables for outings, overnight, and naptime for Levi.   Levi is our "super soaker." Seriously. That boy can soak a diaper that looks like it's been on a kid overnight in like an hour. He downs the water like it's nobody's business. Water is a good thing though.


A couple of months before Emmalie was born, I started gathering cloth diapering supplies for her too. I had never cloth diapered a newborn before, and I knew from the start that I wanted to wait a couple months after her birth before I started. Well, the day to start was today!

Here are her covers I acquired to get us started.  All but the flower print on the right are Thirsties Duo diaper covers.  The one on the right is a Bummis Super Whisper Wrap.  We started cloth diapering this way with Gabi and Levi last year, and knew we wanted to use this method with little Emmy too.  We still use pocket diapers along with this way with the toddlers, since we bought so many when we started using cloth two years ago.   But there have been several, after two years of heavy duty usage, that have had to be thrown away. 

The Thirsties Duo wraps are so great because they come in two sizes.  This is a size one, Gabi and Levi wear a size two.  But each size can be snapped down to fit a variety of bums within that one size.  For instance, a teeny tiny newborn would wear this diaper cover with the top snap snapped all the way down to the bottom snap to make the diaper a bit shorter.  Emmy wears it with the top snap snapped to the middle snap.  A slightly bigger baby would wear it completely unsnapped.

So here's what you put under those adorable diaper covers. 

These are what you'd call a prefold diaper.  These are newborn sized.  They're itty bitty, and won't be fitting Miss Emmalie for too much longer!  Later I'll use them to double up if I need to, to add extra absorbancy under a larger size.  I bought them here.  They are amazing!  We used the unbleached cotton variety. 

These are two little lifesavers right here.

The things laying under the strange green contraption, are what we affectionately call "poop liners."  You lay these between the prefold cloth diaper and the baby.  It catches the poop (near always) and saves you from scrubbing and scraping (you get the picture) poop from your diapers.  The liners are flushable, but we don't flush them.  We use this brand, and cut them in half for Emmalie's diapers, and leave them whole for the toddlers. 

The green contraption is called snappi.
The snappi holds the cloth diaper in place under the diaper cover.  What a super handy little gadget.

Here's Emmalie sporting her cloth diaper and snappi before I fastened her diaper cover over it all. 

Finished!  Is that cute or what?  They work amazingly well, and save us loads of money each month.  Not to mention their green qualities too. 

Have cloth diapering questions?  Feel free to ask, and I'll do my best to answer!

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  1. I love your arrangement! I did lots of diaper research and use Green Mountain diapers (they truly are the best!), snappis and homemade wool covers. :-) (Shannon)

    1. Yes, I love those green mountain diapers too - Shannon! And I started knitting a wool cover, then gave up - and bought something I knew would work... I was so unsure of myself!

  2. We just began cloth diapering about 3 months ago and I'm LOVING it! Well, I love the cost savings part anyway. Gabriel is our fifth child, but first we've been learning quite a few new things lately! I bought our Kawaii diapers directly from their site ( where their diapers are quite a bit cheaper even than the link you provided. I purchased a package deal and they worked out to less than $6 each, AND free shipping! I love that they are so adjustable and work from 8 pounds until potty I don't have to have different sizes! Also, I meant to comment on your post several days ago when you mentioned Fenugreek. Isn't it amazing?!? I love it when God does stuff like that! I used the Newman-Goldfarb protocol to induce lactation so I could (am) breastfeed Gabriel. Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle are miraculous! Oats/oatmeal is supposed to help increase milk supply also.

    1. The Kawaiis are great! I got them from a site that is no longer up and running, and they ended up being around $7 each - great deal! Oh, that's so cool you were able to induce lactation! I tried that with Gabrielle - had read about that protocol, but didn't have time to actually do it - I tried a few different things, but sadly it didn't take... happy for you! Oh, and I read about the oats a few weeks ago, eat them regularly... as we speak, Jeremy is whipping us all up a bowl for breakfast.

  3. What an informative post, Amanda. I've always been too scared to take the plunge (it's costly, and then... what if I end up not wanting to keep at it?) My mom cloth-diapered my younger brothers with the old-fashioned diaper PINS, so that is my paradigm (that Snappi looks amazing!- and what cute diaper covers!) I've never even seen it explained so well as you in this post. You make it look so doable! Thank you! Should God choose to bless us with another child, I am coming back to this post to take notes!
    Blessings to you and your sweet new girl and the rest of your family, too!

  4. I love those diaper covers! I have prefolds and Thirstie duo covers but my covers have all snaps instead of some Velcro. I go through phases of using them but even with not being consistant it still saves money! :) thanks for posting about it- it's nice to hear how other people handle cloth.

  5. Thanks for this post! I use the same diapers but my thirstie covers have all snaps and no Velcro.


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