Friday, August 10

love them and feed them

I thought I was extremely busy before with my six kiddos. 

And I was. 

I thought life just couldn't be any more full. 

And now it is.  In both the busy-full way, and the full-contented way. 

Before Emmalie was born, I would shake my head wondering how this would all play out. How in the world would I manage when Jeremy was away at work?   I didn't have a plan, other than to pray.  I couldn't have a plan.  What's the use of some of our plans anyways? 

I had no idea what sort of baby Emmalie would be.  Praise Jesus, she's an easy sort of baby.  The kind that broke her previous nighttime sleeping record of 9 hours and now holds it at 10 hours straight.  10 hours straight, people!  That was last night.  God is seriously pouring on the grace.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

There are some days, where all I can do is love my kids and make sure they are fed.  And then there are some days when we actually get some chores done, and I actually make a hot dinner for us all.  Tonight was not one of those nights.  Tonight was cold cereal and berries.  The kids were very happy, and so was I.  Jeremy was outside building a new dining room table/bench project for us to better use our space, and has yet to come in and eat!  But I just went out to tell him what we ate for dinner, and he was really happy for me.  That's the kind of guy he is.  Again, God is really pouring on the grace. 

I sit down nursing Emmalie for approximately five to six hours out of every twenty four hours.  She takes a looooong time to finish.  I love sitting with her, and don't want to rush her - but there are times where I go a bit nutty with Gabi and Levi being extremely toddler-y all around me.  And aside from getting into mischief, they need me too.  And so do the four older kids.  I feel pulled in so many directions right now, and it's still summertime!  The most relaxed part of our year.  I am planning and looking ahead to our homeschool-year starting the day after Labor Day, but I'm overwhelmed just thinking about that sort of structure right now.  I'm always excited by the time fall rolls around and it's time to sharpen all those pencils up for school. But this year, it feels as if my summer has just begun. Can it truly be well into August? We have just under four weeks until we start school, and boy, am I going to relish that time! I am very excited about the things we'll be doing this school year. And I love organizing to get ready to start. So hopefully, I'll be feeling more ready to jump in by September 4th.  So I'll keep planning and praying, and keep majoring in the majors and not the minors. 

Back to the onthecouchforhoursnursing subject, I started taking the herb Fenugreek one week ago to increase my milk supply. (I've always had issues.)   I take 5500mg each day... that equals eleven capsules a day.  And WOW.  After the first five days, I noticed a dramatic increase!  It really is phenomenal.  Almost like magic.  I was hoping to decrease my couch sitting time, and also turn my slightly edgy baby after a feeding into a fat and happy baby.  And that she is.  Jeremy and I both notice her more contented and satisfied demeanor since I started taking Fenugreek.  Again, I'm thankful. 

Things are good.  I'm feeling pulled, but that was to be expected.  I'm working at keeping my expectations realistic.  And have been so blessed by all of the help from family and friends. 

What else?  We've been loving the London Olympics, and signed up for a month of TV service just to watch the Games.  Love, love, love!  I even had some dear friends over to watch the Team Finals in Women's Gymnastics (my absolute favorite) - we had a great night cheering and laughing until our bellies ached.  The best kind of night. 


Yes, I made Team USA strawberries for the occasion!  And our girls even won the gold medal, wasn't that fun to watch? 

I think that is all I have to share for the night... I think of things I'd like to blog about regularly, but having the time to sit with both hands available when I'm not nursing Emmy is near impossible!  So for now, you'll get this long jumble of thoughts and a couple of new photos. 

I'm loving every minute of my time with our beautiful baby girl, and the other kids are really doing so well with the change.  I don't want to wish this season of life away, I know there will be a day when I'd love to have this time back.  So I'm committing to savor and rest peacefully in God's ways for our family, and lean on Him for the ultimate help I need every hour. 

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  1. Great post Amanda, and great reminder for us all to love the season that God has us in.


  2. Loved the post. You beautiful lady. I am so proud of you. The pictures were a great update. God has great plans for your family and is loving you guys every minute.

    Love you all so much.

  3. Hi Amanda,
    OH MY GOODNESS!!! Emmalie is SOOOOO CUTE!!! She is getting so big. I especially love the very last one of you and her together. I love the Olympic pictures as well. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching them these past couple weeks. I will especially miss the music. You have a beautiful little family. I know God will use each and every one of you for his glory both now and beyond. Thanks for sharing.
    In Christ,


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