Sunday, January 22

Top Reasons Why Today is Fantastic

  • Downton Abbey is on tonight on PBS!  We watched part of Season 1, and are attempting to turn on the TV once a week to catch Season 2 - so far, we've watched the first and second episode, and are on to the third tonight.  We love a good British drama.  The best part about our rabbit ears antennae, is that it gets two channels: the one to watch the Olympics (next summer, yay!) and of course PBS! 
 You can watch online if you want to see what it's all about!
  • Our 19 week ultrasound is TOMORROW!!!  The four bigger kids are coming, and can't wait to see their wee little brother or sister! I'm giddy with excitement to have a good long look and be educated about how our little one is doing/growing.  And of course, then we'll be able to share if it's a boy or girl, and confirm what we found out five weeks ago.  Excited!!!!

  • And I made it to the fabric store for the second time this weekend - need I say more??  LOVE.  I had a 50% of coupon that was good starting today, and a sale I was trying to make yesterday!

      • Okay, so I discovered Pinterest a few months back, and went on there every once in a while to add some photos to my boards - which I thought was fun, since I love ideas for DIY projects, crafts, decor, recipes, etc...  But I still didn't get why it was so popular.  That was until I discovered (aren't I clever?) just yesterday that all of the fuss was about being able to CLICK on the picture after adding it to one of your boards and go straight to the site it came from!  I kept seeing pictures of yummy foods and desserts, but just didn't get why it would be beneficial to catalog yummy/interesting looking photos if you had no way of knowing how in the world to make it.   So it's a bit more fun for me now!  

        Cute Valentine's Day idea, thank you Pinterest...

         a fun cake idea....

        • Today is Sunday, and that means church!  There's just nothing like worshiping in song with other believers, praising our God and exploring truth from The Bible.  

        • Why else is today great?  Well, we're at the start of a 10 day vacation from work for Jeremy!  I may even get to use a spa gift card I received for Christmas this week...  hmmm... pedicure?  facial?  something with my hair?  What's your vote? 

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        1. Amanda,
          As always, love your posts. As to the spa gift and how to use it? I say, all of the above. Hope you get to use it sometime during the time that Jeremy is off work. I am looking forward to knowing the gender of the newest addition to the family is. Praying as always for the little one's health.
          In Christ,


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