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a few of my favorite things of 2011

Every once in a while, I think it's fun to highlight a few favorite things/products that have made me smile lately or have made my life easier in a small way...  in this version, it's the whole entire year of 2011 that is getting the comb through.

There are loads of things that I am thankful for, but here I'll name just a few favorites of 2011:

**and of course, I have not been/will not be compensated in any way for mentioning these products**

My hands down favorite CD of 2011.
Here For You is the live recording of the worship sessions featuring some of my favorite Christian artists at the Passion 2011 Conference.  (This particular one was recorded in Atlanta, I think.)  It's a fantastic album that has caused me (and my family) to sing loud and turn the music up even louder.  I LOVE this album. 

Lark Rise to Candleford is a heartwarming and fun BBC television series my cousin told me about in late 2011.  And before 2012 rolled around, Jeremy and I watched all four seasons!!  We were so stoked to find out our public library had all four seasons to check out for FREE.  Excellent series - (As I've mentioned before on the old blog, skip the first episode of Season 2, it's so unlike the rest!) 

I don't think this came into my life in 2011, but it may have... but it has been a staple around here for clean ups all year.  Not only do I love the Basil Countertop Spray (and All-Purpose Cleaner as a refill), but I also love all of their different scents and products.  Yummy! 

Oh, blessed peace!
I've never owned one of these white noise/sound maker thingies until last summer, when we were about to move two babies who were 4 months apart into the same room cold turkey with no warm-up or how-do-you-do's...  I had the notion that one of these would really help: 1) the rest of us noisy folks not wake them up when napping or sleeping for the night  2) help them not wake each other up during those times.  Ours is the one pictured above made by Homedics

Well, we love it!  Our babies go to sleep each naptime and nighttime to the sound of a soothing waterfall.  No wonder their diapers are SO full!  :)  

I snagged a copy of this year-long devotional book at the library in December, and read each day's entry until I had to return it...   It is written by missionary Sarah Young, and each day's devotional (with verses to look up) are taken from her own journals through the years and is written as though Jesus is speaking to you the words on the page.  (you can read more in the introduction of the book)  I liked it so much, that I bought a copy with some Christmas money I received.  Each day has words and statements that touch me. 

My hands-down favorite book of 2011, One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.
Amazing.  You really should read it. 

The best book I read out loud to the kiddos in 2011 is Caddie Woodlawn by Carol Ryrie Brink.  Think Laura Ingalls crossed with Anne Shirley.  Pioneer girl who gets into plenty of scrapes.  You'll love it. 

And my trusty Brother sewing machine.  It's from Costco, and Jeremy surprised me with it a couple of years ago when my old one came crashing down off the shelf it became too heavy for, breaking into pieces.  It's all I need, nothing crazy fancy....  great one! 

I love - a great place to find crochet and knitting patterns of ALL sorts!!!  (like the one pictured above)

Oh, Aquaphor, you rock!  You've saved little Levi's face!!!  His cheeks were once red, bumpy, and itchy and now they are smooth and pink!  He gets a slather of it twice a day - it's been a great product for our little man. 

My no-longer-look-like-a-wet-dog solution when wearing my hair curly out of the shower... I pop my diffuser on my blow dryer, and dry my curls after scrunching with some gel, without blowing them to a frizzy mess.  I've known about diffusers since I was in jr. high - so I'm not sure why it took me so long to actually own one, but I'm glad I splurged the $7 on it.  :)

Oh yummmmmy.
Bath & Body Works Dark Kiss Body Lotion
I was in a B&BW store sometime in the last year or two (which only happens every year or two) and picked up 5 of their little 2oz. bottles of lotion that sit by the register for $1 when they are trying to get you hooked on a new scent...  well they reeled me right in.  And I have since made it through my sample bottles, one full-size bottle (thanks, Mom) and am now working through another full-size bottle.  (thanks again, Mom)

I love all Burt's Bees products... but if you haven't tried their Mango Butter lip balm, you're in for a treat!

Well, I think that wraps it up for the night... I hope you enjoy my 2011 favorites round-up, and maybe you'll find a new favorite yourself in the bunch! 

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  1. Have you heard the Caddie Woodlawn musical? It's so cute. I found it on iTunes. Great companion piece to the book. Love your blog!

    Alexandra R.


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