Tuesday, January 17

New Year, New Blog!

Hello, Friends!

After 5 years of blogging on our family blog (and a couple of years chewing on the idea), I decided it was time to start a new one.  So here it is:  The Scarlet Paisley!

Scarlet  = Red is my favorite color.
Paisley = I just love a good paisley.

There you have it.

I'm excited to finally launch this baby, its been months in the works!!

A huge thank you to my friend Kali for her awesome blog design work.  I told her the name and a few colors I'd like included and this is what she put together.  I LOVE IT, Kali, thank you so much!

And another ginormous thank you to my dear college friend, Cindy, for the beautiful photographs taken of our family last April.  We love them so much, Cindy - thank you for your kindness to us!!!  {Check out her site HERE}

If we're buddies and you no longer see your blog on my friends blog list, let me know when you're back in business blogging and I'll add you back right away.  And if you've been blogging, and I missed you (its been known to happen) let me know that too! 

Also, if you'd like to show you're a reader by "Following" this blog, you can do that in the column on the right!  And new on this new blog is the "Follow by Email" option.  Enter your email address and get an email whenever I post new content. Try it out!  (I haven't, so I hope it works... ha.)

So welcome to The Scarlet Paisley - I hope you'll enjoy your time spent in this neck of the woods.  
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  1. YAY!! You made the move!! Everything you imported looks awesome! I LOVE the family pics!!


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