Friday, January 20

boys - silly, charming, wonderful

Yesterday I had the sheer pleasure of finding a glass one-third full of water put away with the clean dishes.  It brightened my day in the biggest way!  The older boys unload the dishwasher and put them away once a day or so, and they have a little routine, so I know who usually puts the glasses away - and it just tickled my funny bone to think of how a glass full of water could be mistaken for a clean one!  That was definitely a first for me.  And I'm so thankful it wasn't something like a glassful of milk!

My life never ceases to be interesting.

Yesterday needed some brightening too - it was a tough one with the babies and I didn't handle it very well.  I hadn't been in a puddle of parenting-induced tears in I don't know how long!  But yesterday was the day.  
When it was getting to be later in the day and one of the boys (not the water glass boy) could sense the day had been a super tough one, he asked if he could call Dad and have him bring some flowers home for me because it seemed like I could use some cheering up.  (Jeremy was already too close to home to have a place to stop by then...)  But isn't this boy on the right path toward A++ thoughtful husband material??  That cheered my day too.  Just the thought of it. I hope he continues to be thinking of others and what he can do to help. 

I find parenting my boys as they enter and pass double digits to be a challenge like no other.  Parenting them as toddlers and preschoolers had it's challenges (as I can attest with my current toddlers and preschooler) but it's so much different than what we're entering now.  The stakes are so much higher in this sort of parenting as they are over half-way to adulthood.  Why is it that childhood is so short, and adulthood is so long?  And why is it that the decisions parents make in these short 18 years of their children's lives make such an impact and have such a lasting effect?  Well, I get it, but it just seems so brief, such a blip on the radar.  And we're realizing now that our boys aren't getting any younger, and they certainly aren't going to be the same as they were when they were eager kindergarteners... and I find it a challenge to parent so many different stages all at the same time.  But the most challenging is growing as parents with our kids as they grow.  We can't stay the same.  We can have the same truth-based methods, have the same consistency and unconditional love for them - but the way we relate to them has to move and grow.  And I find that an enormous challenge! 

How about you, boy mamas?  How do you navigate the uncharted waters of boys not being so little anymore?
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  1. our boys were such sweet boys till about 6th grade, then they became more independent - which is bound to happen but the pulling away surprised me and was pretty sad..........but boys are awesome :) so are girls :)

  2. Thank you for sharing Amanda. I too have been contemplating this shift to young men as my oldest inches closer to looking me level in the eye. We haven't had new challenges yet. I certainly feel an urgency to be sure we have a solid relationship and have equipped them for their life ahead.


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