Wednesday, January 18

beauty in the everyday

I love finding beauty in everyday circumstances and ordinary days.
Now, today, I wasn't truly finding any beauty in the tough toddler love that had to play out with Gabi after her second time spending a time out in her crib for screaming ( I mean SCREAMING) for something instead of saying "please."  But there's beauty in removing the screaming child from your presence, right?   ha ha

But really, there are so many beautiful moments in the day to day life.  

Here are a few recent ones:

The above shot shows a normally very active Levi snuggling with Mama on a day when he wasn't feeling so well.  Moms, you know that moment when you're so sad they're so sick, but secretly you're thrilled they want to sit and cuddle with you?  Well, this was one of those moments.  Drew thought we should take a picture.  I'm glad he did. 

 And this moment.
Gabi loves her books.  Annika decided to sit down with her, and they were having a grand ol' time looking at Gabi's favorite "Baby" book together.  Some giggling, tickling, and hugging was also included. 

Oh, and don't forget Morgan, who has a great sense of humor.
I was posing for one of my weekly pregnant belly timer shots with my camera, and Morgan asked to have her picture taken.  I love this girl.  She's hilarious!

One recent Saturday, as the whole family was sitting down for lunch, we had swarms of chickadees landing on our back deck to eat from our bird feeder.  These were fat little chickadees that were so fun to watch fly away, bring some friends back, eat, and fly away again. **thanks to by friend Carrie, we were informed that the ones with the red on their heads are red poles (looked it up, yep they match!), I had just lumped them into the chickadee category with the rest!**

This chubby little guy was my favorite.  I think he fluffed up the feathers to stay warm, really, but I like to think he's been well fed this winter.  

And finally, here's Annika and her sandwich creation. 
We were having sandwiches for lunch one day, and the kids asked if they could all make their own... and of course a mom of many says, "By all means!"  Annika's creation was a bit much, but she loved it and was so proud.
Don't try this at home:
peanut butter

Bon appetit! 

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  1. Love your honesty and beauty! PS I think you had a flock of red poles, not chickadees. But your kiddos might need to look that up for school ;)

    1. I think you're right, Carrie! We had some chickadees mixed with the ones with the red on their heads... knew they couldn't be all the same, but grouped 'em as such. We'll look them up! :)

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  3. Hi Amanda,
    I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE the new blog! What a cute set up, cute colors and theme. By the way, Morgan's picture cracks me up! I am still chuckling over it. Annika's sandwich creation is one I have never heard of before. I probably won't choose to try it (shhhh, don't tell her) but I say if she likes it, and if it's not in any danger to her health, then by all means she can have it. I love your posts about Gabi and Levi. Yes, I have had to remove myself from the screaming little ones in my life:-) I am not a mother, but nephews are pretty close to kids, right?:-D Thanks for the fun posts. I love the one of you and little Levi snuggling together. Sorry that he wasn't feeling good, but that is the only way to get those little non-snugglers to snuggle with you is when they are under-the-weather.
    In Christ,


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