Friday, January 27

19 week belly, on the mend, and a healthy baby girl celebration!

Here's the current belly shot from earlier this week, I was exactly 19 weeks on this day.  

I have been feeling really great since all of that yucky nausea took a hike around 14 weeks, but yesterday I woke up with some awful stabbing pain that was near the baby, but I was pretty sure that wasn't it.... I laid down for a long time to try to ease the pain but it was only increasing as time went by...  (thankfully Jeremy was home!) ... and then called and went in after lunchtime to the midwifery thinking I had a bladder infection or something else wrong...  it was a bladder infection, and boy am I glad I went in yesterday!  The pain was so bad!  Even on meds now for nearly 24 hours, the pain is still lingering, I'm praying it vanishes soon - ouch! 

Baby girl was great, it was wonderful to hear her little galloping heart again. 

These couple donut shop pictures were taken just after our ultrasound appointment last Monday when we saw and rejoiced over seeing our healthy little baby girl!!   They have the yummiest donuts - it was a great day to celebrate!  (Our squirmy toddlers were being watched by Grandpa, who was home holding down the fort with them...)

Say, "Baby sister!!!!!"  

We never want to take for granted the health of our children.  There is so much that could be/go wrong, and we don't ever want to just waltz by without remembering the be thankful.  Seeing a perfectly formed baby, heart, umbilical cord, brain, spine, etc...  nearly brought me to tears as we all sat watching our baby squirm around on the big screen.  Thank you, Lord Jesus!

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  1. Amanda,
    What a cool thing to do with the 4 older kids. I think it's wonderful that they got to go with you and Jeremy to the 20 week appointment. What a neat experience for them that they will remember for the rest of their lives. And going out for donuts afterwards.....Even better! Thanks for sharing.
    In Christ,


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