Tuesday, January 31

a spring project for Baby

Well, if you live where I live, it is definitely not heading toward spring anytime soon...

But I have a project in the works, that I'll be working on in the next few months before baby girl arrives.  The above picture shows the fabric I'll be using for a baby quilt for the little Miss.  The squares are cut out of 33 different Amy Butler fabrics (swoon!) that I won on ebay!  It was under $10 for the bunch... I love them!  

Then I picked up this fun polka dot flannel (half-off) that I'll be using for some strips on the front and for the backing.  I was short just two squares (as seen above) for the pattern I wanted, so I cut two 5 x 5 in. squares out of a similar style fabric scrap that I made my nursing cover out of.  

I sewed the squares into strips the other day, and now I have to decide how wide to make the polka dot flannel strips to go in between the squares rows.  Hmmm... decisions, decisions!  

Also, I'm contemplating taking the next few months to hand quilt the top once it's all assembled.  But I may end up machine quilting it for speedy/tidy results. 

Help me out, quilters, any tips for this gal??  

I've only made one quilt in my life (back in college) and I used embroidery floss to tie it all together.  No actual quilting involved...  I'll post more photos once the top is assembled!

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  1. For a simple quilt you can easily get away with using straight stitches for quilting (all one direction or in a grid) - which should work even without a walking foot. I've never tried hand quilting but I'm sure it would look fabulous! I have those same fabrics to make a twin size quilt for Allison this spring!

    1. Thank you, Joani! Ooh, I like the grid idea for machine quilting... aren't those fabrics fun? I'm sure it will make a beautiful quilt for Allison!

  2. OK- now you've given me the bug :-) I had NEVER thought to buy fabric on ebay- what a GREAT idea! I already put some in my "watch" list! Oh fun- and all from home!


    PS- When exactly do you find the time to be so creative?!

    1. Naptime!!! And even then it's on the weekends when Jeremy is home. The little toddlers sleep 3-4 hours for their nap - perfect time to haul the machine out, or whatever I'm working on. :) Yes, I just discovered ebay fabric... so fun!!!

  3. hmmm... t think if baby girl is going to use the quilt-playing on the floor with it, peekaboo, etc. i'd machine quilt it for durability. play quilts are the best. what good is a quilt if you don't use it?!? i think you could just the strips of flannel in-between. the larger you want it, the bigger the strips. it would look super awesome with a border of the pink, not to mention making it easier to bind. i can't wait to see what you decide on! yay creativity!

    you're so brave! i'm afraid of ebay. i know, it sounds silly but i had a couple of friends with bad experiencing and i've never gotten over it. but buying from home is so fun. i actually Christmas shopped that way this year and it was fun twice- once getting the package in the mail and then watching people open their gifts. and soooo much less stressful.

  4. Love the fabrics, can't wait to see the finished quilt!

  5. How FUN! I enjoy quilting quite a lot, although I've slowed down a bit over the last few years. I've never had a quilt machine-quilted because the quilting part is my favorite of the whole project. Recently, however, I bought an attachment for my machine so I could machine-quilt myself without having to hire someone. I've not used it yet, though. Because you have time, I vote for hand quilting. It is fun to pick up during a visit with a friend over coffee, during a movie, or while having a kiddo read aloud to you on the couch. It's really a relaxing project.


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