Saturday, January 28

great flicks we've watched recently

 Last weekend, Jeremy and I finally watched Courageous!
We both loved it - and I hope it has and will touch the lives of men and young men everywhere. 
It's PG-13 for a reason, too thematic for young eyes.  This is a very wholesome movie that is PRO-FAMILY!

 The two of us watched this last night, and it was really good as well.  
You'll need more tissues for this one than Courageous for sure!  
I haven't cried that hard watching a movie in a LONG time... pregnancy hormones?  Maybe.  
See for yourself!

Also not for the kiddos, but a clean, excellent movie for teens and up. 

A few nights ago, we watched this movie as a family.  
Hooray, another great one!

I despise movies that are targeted at kids, then are said to be filled with rude humor, mild language, and innuendo.  What parent wants their kids to see that?  (Thankfully, there are resources such as Plugged In where we can check out films' ratings and full reviews from a Christian worldview before renting/watching.) 

Well this film has none of the above, and we were so happy to find it...
watch it with your kids, you'll love it!

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  1. YAY! Please post your movie picks when you find 'em. We just watched Courageous last night. It had been on our list for a long time. Haven't seen the other 2 yet, and I am very excited about the kids' one, especially. I think it's really difficult to find family-friendly movies that meet our standards. There is so much junk and just plain nonsense out there...and it takes WAY too long to wade through.


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