Wednesday, October 22

Iditarod- The Last Great Race {hello, Alaska}

There's this race. It's amazing. Maybe you've heard of it?


Imagine one person on a wooden dogsled being pulled by a team of sled dogs racing 1,000 miles through ice, snow, storms, fog, frozen rivers, mountain ranges, vast tundra, and we can't forget the cold. Ooh, boy is it ever cold! Iditarod is one tough and amazing race.

As a kid, Iditarod went right by our house. We'd walk down the driveway and hang a right to watch musher after musher begin the week and a half long trek across Alaska. I have a crazy amount of respect for these men and women.

Iditarod is so fun to follow. We enjoy it each year in the month of March. You simply must scroll through last year's photo gallery. Whoa, right?

I couldn't possibly tell you all there is to know or see. So I'll let the experts do that for me:

This is a great informational article right HERE. Along with Iditarod's Official Website! A must read.

**You many have noticed that hello, Alaska posts are no longer being produced every day. Whew! Life's too full for that right now. But I will be popping in throughout these next 10 days to finish out our series! What more would you like to learn about Alaska??**

You can find all posts in this series right HERE.

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