Friday, October 3

let's talk size {hello, Alaska}

This is the point in the series I'm feeling like a 5th grader working on a state report and matching shoebox diorama. Did making dioramas thrill anyone else to their 10 year-old core? The moss, the sticks, the rocks. Oh yes.

Before we get into the other interesting stuff in the coming days, let's first talk about how big Alaska truly is:  (Might we also add so, so gorgeous? I'm blown away every time I leave the house.)

It's huge.
375 million acres huge.
If it were a country, it would be the 33rd largest in the world.
This state is twice the size of Sweden and over twice the size of Texas.
(Insert some joke about Texas being Alaska's little sister here.)

Alaska holds:
over 3 million lakes
12,000 rivers
100,000 glaciers
40% of the nations surface water

That's a lot of water. Everywhere you look? Water.

Due to its sheer size, our state is extremely diverse. You've got the arctic tundra up north with its distinct animal population and habitat, and then you've got the rainforests in the southeast panhandle (that strip of land on the bottom right) which plays host to the state capital, Juneau, which holds 45% of the region's inhabitants.
Alaska is so big, that when people ask me if it's light all the time in the summer and dark all the time in the winter, I stumble over my words a bit. The famed daylight hours (or lack of) vary greatly because of Alaska's vast size. It's like assuming the weather in Minnesota and the weather in Texas is the same because they're in the same country.

Speaking of daylight and darkness, let's jump to that topic on day 4. See you then!

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  1. Great info! So far, most of my information about Alaska is from the TV show "Ice Road Truckers" :) ieva

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    1. Hooray! I need to catch up on a couple days of yours tonight. Loving yours too.


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