Tuesday, October 7

in Alaska, it's called a _______. {hello, Alaska}

In Alaska, it's called a snowmachine.
the end.


Many thanks to my pals Marie, Heather, and Anne-Renee for supplying the pictures!

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5 comments on " in Alaska, it's called a _______. {hello, Alaska}"
  1. Haha! My hubby would say it is called a "sled"!;) He Loves it and wishes NY had better weather and trails. He would do it more if he did not have to drive so far to go.:(
    I am so enjoying your post about Alaska. My sister lived there for about 3 yrs( my brother-in-law was stationed in Fairbanks) and I was sad that I never got to make it thee to see it. Maybe some day hubby and I can make a trip there to visit. My sister always told me that we would fit in well there. Hubby and I love watching the shows done in Alaska. I always tell him we are living in the wrong state!;)

    1. We call it a sled too, Kristina! Just not the dreaded snowmobile! Ha.

  2. haha--yes! So funny. Being born and raised in Northwest Wisconsin, we called them snowmobiles. It took some getting used to, when we moved to Alaska, to call them snowmachines. However, I can't think of them as anything else anymore. I've been properly Alaskanized.

  3. :) ha ha ha, in Sweden they're called scooters.


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