Wednesday, October 15

ain't no mountain high enough {hello, Alaska}

I couldn't help myself. I'm crazy about that song.

We really are going to talk about mountains today though. Ohhhhh, the mountains.

But before we do, I want to say something about what I posted on Monday. Many of you shared that post (I'd love to know why), and a couple of you commented to say you thought it was great I was taking time off to be with my family. Thank you. Honestly, life is difficult right now. Jeremy and I are great, but we're dealing with some pretty major issues that are affecting every area if life. We covet your prayers as a family.

So if I ever need to take another break, you'll know why.

Back to mountains.

I've lived in Alaska since 1986, and back then I wanted nothing to do with mountains. I wasn't old enough to be hormonal, but I was a bit stubborn. My family used to taunt me, "Amanda, aren't the mountains beeeyoootiful?"

I would say, "NO. I hate the mountains. They're ugly." I was such a stinker. They'd rub in the beauty of Alaska because they enjoyed my Mr. Scrooge-esque answers. And I enjoyed indulging them.

It didn't take long for me to fall head over heels in love with the rugged terrain surround me on nearly all sides. Other than my kids, it's by far the subject I take the most pictures of.

Here are some fun facts about Alaska's mountains:

**  17 of the 20 highest peaks in the United States are in Alaska.
**  Mt. McKinley is the highest peak in all of North America standing tall at 20,320 ft.
**  There are potentially more than 70 active volcanoes in Alaska. Several have erupted in recent years.

Mt. McKinley from the air this last Spring as we flew over. This does it no justice.
It honestly looked so small from up in the air. It has such a different look from the ground. But it's stunning, no?
Mountains add so much to life in Alaska. We climb them, we gaze at them, and we even play favorites. My favorite mountain is Pioneer Peak. Pioneer Peak means home. It stands as the tallest mountain in our area. It's a true landmark. Here it is from a few different angles.

Though I can't write from the experience of all Alaskans, I can write from mine. And mountains are a big part of the magic of the Last Frontier for me.

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