Thursday, October 16

it's the strangest thing {hello, Alaska}

I'm thinking that if you're interested in Alaska, you already know that it's cold. You already know there are polar bears way up north, right? And I'm thinking you already know lots of cool, obvious stuff about Alaska.

But here's something you may not know:

Even in the coldest of cold days in winter, some people wear shorts and dare I say it? Flip flops.

I've seen it with my own eyes. And I've (ahem) maybe, probably done it myself as a teen. I'm perpetually cold as an adult, so this is a no-go these days. Says the girl wearing socks and fur-lined slippers as I sit next to my twelve and thirteen year-old sons who are both wearing shorts. And it's 36 degrees outside.

I thought you should know that while it's bone-cold up here, it just doesn't phase some of us. That's why we laugh when folks in Florida or California wear down jackets when it hits 50 degrees. That's the start of (or the continuation of?) flip-flop weather in these parts.

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2 comments on "it's the strangest thing {hello, Alaska}"
  1. :) seriously? Very neat, and no, I did not know that :)
    I have a question - do Alaskans have a special relationship with coffee, or tea? There is a joke (very accurate, in my opinion) that without coffee, Sweden would stop. Similar in Alaska?

  2. With drive-thru coffee places every couple of blocks, I think it's safe to say we thrive on our hot beverages here in Alaska!


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