Wednesday, October 8

termination dust {hello, Alaska}

termination dust:

The first snowfall that sticks on the mountains each fall signaling that the low-lying
areas will be receiving snow of their own soon and that fall is drawing to a close.
A term originally used during the Gold Rush proclaiming the end of prospecting season.

Fall is drawing to a close.

Insert sad face if you're me.

Insert happy face if you're a skier, snowmachiner, or my kids.

This afternoon, I walked thirty feet or so to the left of our garden and around some trees to snap this picture of my favorite mountains capped with snow. Over the weekend, the mountains in our region (and some areas of land) received a pretty good snowfall. The snow on land melted within the day, but the stuff up high has stuck. For good.

So that's termination dust. The end of fall and the beginning of winter wonderland.

P.S. I just heard from a friend in Fairbanks, which is 300-ish miles north of here, that they have around a foot of snow already!

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