Monday, April 8

when your brain goes in a million directions

I think I broke my own all-time record today, for the most internet browser tabs open at once.   Our household is constantly bustling.  There isn't time for me to just sit for long periods perusing all I want to read and listen to online.  So I leave them there as tabs, with hope that sometime during this day or after the kids are in bed for the night, I will get to them.  Today there are several...  and just for fun, I'll let you peek into my mind.  You can learn a lot from a person's open browser tabs. 

Amazon - oh, just dreaming of buying the things in my cart
A Holy Experience - waiting to be read
Whits End - the kids listened to an episode at lunch, it's paused for later
How Not to Say the Wrong Thing - waiting to share it with Jeremy later
How to work from home without losing your mind - ah, yes...
Facebook - well, because it just is
Fast Pencil - always dreaming, always thinking
Redeemer Sermon Store - Tim Keller - ooh, listening to a good one today

So what's open in your browser today? 

2 comments on "when your brain goes in a million directions"
  1. Neat idea, Amanda! I may borrow it sometime :)

  2. Facebook :), dance tight, Google Reader and Reece's Rainbow with a pic of the little boy I wish we could bring home :)


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