Monday, April 29

What April brought

Siting here at the end of the month of April finds me wondering where it went.  It came in with a huge snowfall and is going out with sun and the return of canadian geese, sandhill cranes, and ducks. 
April also brought celebrations! 
In a ten day span, we celebrated Gabrielle's adoption day, Levi's adoption day, and Gabrielle's 3rd birthday.  Three huge reasons to get our happy on.   
April also brought the realization that I'm an artist.  Not a paint a beautiful picture artist - I'm an artist of a different kind.  I learned that I need to fight to make art, not just wait until the opportunity grabs ahold of me.  So I've been making time by getting up earlier and working when the family dynamic allows, and am so content when I'm creating my art.  I don't have to hold all that creative down inside.  God gave me gifts that are different than your gifts...  and your gifts are different than mine. 
Do you make time for your art?
April also brought about a change in my mothering. 
I've been working to shower my kids (toddlers especially) with love of the unconditional variety.  They need love, hugs, sweet words, discipline, and my love; no matter what. 
I can't control them, but I can control me.  So I'll stick to that. 

The school year is winding down, and so is my resolve.  My brain checks out, as I dream of green grass, picnics, walks, and freckles.  I can do this - we can do this - just a few more weeks and it'll be on to the dreamy stuff. 

Good day to you all...  I'll be ushering in the month of May with my sister, niece, Emmalie, and a group of friends at a much-anticipated conference this week.  I hope to check in from there, but until then.... 

2 comments on "What April brought"
  1. Good, happy stuff for me to read on a day I'm feeling particularly drab. :) Thanks for the reminder that we can do this (MAN do I need to hear that right now--feeling like the "Little Engine that Couldn't"!)

    No, I have not been taking time to create my art, and it doesn't feel good. not. at. all. I have no idea where to build that in...but I hope to. God's had a word or two to me about that and about self-care. Needs to happen. Maybe I'll do a post on that soon.

    I still smile, thinking about sisters together. :) Have a great trip.

  2. Love the dinosaur buckled in. He looks like he's ready to roll... :)
    (the yarn looks lovely and smushy, too!) ♥


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