Sunday, April 28

travels and jeans

I sat down to start a more serious post tonight, but it just wasn't in me.  So I saved it as a draft, and just felt like typing tonight.  It's truly therapeutic for me.  Feel free to discontinue reading!  But I do know, that some of you say these are your favorite posts, so I'll continue with the brain dump. 

I'm tired from the lack of sleep last night, and my brain is not functioning properly at this hour.  But, we're watching two of our friend's kids tonight, so that makes nine kids in the house - so I can't exactly just go to sleep.  Soon, very soon... 

My brain is racing with things to do before Emmalie and I leave on a trip in a couple days.  I'm going to a conference with a group from church who I work with in ministry, and I'm soooo jazzed about it.  Plus, I get to see my sister and her family - HUGE BONUS - and they've never met Em.  Cannot. Wait. 

But I can wait to leave my family.  I loathe it.  I cry every time.   We'll be gone 5ish days... but this time to recharge comes at the perfect time.  A fresh outlook beyond one's self is always a good thing.  Sometimes we get so stuck in our own little world (though important) and forget about the world out there.  We're a part of something bigger, and it's good to be reminded of that sometimes. 

Okay, total change of pace and theme here... but I know you'd appreciate this one.  I've been needing a good pair of jeans that fit.  I've been dreaming of finding said pair for months.  Finally yesterday I had my chance to actually look for a pair. 

My sweet Morgan and I had a little time to ourselves to shop, and she helped me do just that.  It was so fun!  Now, I need to preface this with the fact that I haven't tried on jeans that fit, truly fit in years.  Being post-partum doesn't exactly make for a joyous jean trying-on session in the depressing room.  Uh, I mean dressing room.  But yesterday - yesterday, guys - I found a pair.  It was the first pair I tried on in the first size.  Could.  Not.  Believe.  It.  They were perfect.  And I didn't feel like I was melted and poured into them.  Nor did I look like a sausage.  And that's a good thing. 

The dressing room attendant came by to check on me, and I opened the door to ask her if she thought I needed a shorter length.  She said that was up to me, depending on what kind of shoes I was planning on wearing with them.  But she did say seven blessed words to me, "You'll need to go a size down." 

"What?  Really?  I thought these looked like they fit perfectly!"

"They do, but they'll stretch out a lot." 

I love you, dressing room attendant lady.  You made me like dressing rooms again.  I headed to checkout, but I was cringing as I got to the counter to pay because I'm a cheapskate and it's hard to fork over the cash.   I was happy to have found a pair that fit, and they were on sale - so that made me feel better.  But the sale price was still more than I was comfortable with.  Imagine my surprise when the jeans ended up being an additional 40% off the already marked sale price.  When I met up with Jeremy, he said five blessed words to me, "Did you get two pairs?" 

I wish I would have been that smart.  But no, I didn't.  But I was just stalking their website to see if they had another color I could snag.  They do.  Choices, choices. 

Just a little girl-talk tonight... I knew you'd understand.  This post has taken me hours to actually complete... but all nine kids are in bed (whew!) and I'm running on empty - so I'm going to say goodnight. 

So, goodnight!

**If you want to know, the jeans are from Gap in the Perfect Boot Cut fit, dark wash. 

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  1. Hi Amanda,
    YAY for finding a good pair of jeans that's just right for you!!!! I totally know how you feel with trying on jeans. Not that I'm pregnant or post pregnancy, but I am short, my legs are short, so it's hard to find jeans that fit me not only in the waist, but also find a length that's right also. I finally found a few pairs over the winter at the second hand store, but that has been a long time in coming. I would definitely get another pair if you possibly could. Have a good trip!
    In Christ,


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