Saturday, February 2

shock and awe

Something happened today that will long be etched in my memory.

It's sweet, hilarious, and awesome all at the same time. 

I was in Target today with all seven kids.  And I know you know that that couldn't be what was sweet, hilarious, and awesome.  And you're right.  The kids were amazingly good, though.  And I was told that I "have my hands full" three separate times.  Let's all work together and find a new line to say to moms in the store with a cartload of kids, okay? 

We were putzing around in one of those big red shopping carts that is long enough to be a passenger train and was holding four of the youngest passengers.  We were searching for three things on our shopping list.  We ended up with ten or more items in the end, but that's beside the point.  But I do have to say that the winter clearance was to die for. 

Anyways, we pulled the cart into the aisle that held the lint rollers.  It was on my list, and I even found a pretty black and white damask printed one.  Who knew lint rollers could be so chic?  Well, I knew I had to have that one. 

As we were leaving the aisle, Gavin glanced behind him to the other side of the aisle and saw the dish sponges.  He said, "Mom!  We're out of these kind."

"Oh, okay, let's grab a pack!" I exclaimed, glad that he was paying attention.  But we checked the price and decided that ten dollars was wayyy too much to pay for dish sponges. 

And then both of my boys looked above and beyond the dish sponges that were stocked on the lower shelf. 

They uttered, "Whoooooa." and  "Oh my word!"

They stood gaping in shock at all of the brands and varieties of sponges and dish brushes.  You might be wondering why this is such a big deal, and why ten and twelve year old boys would care about dishwashing accesories... let me tell you why:  our boys, who are ten and twelve work together to unload the dishes once each morning after breakfast, and then they do all of the dinner cleanup and loading of dishes into the dishwasher and handwashing of all the pots and pans.  And that's no easy feat when there's a family like ours eating and using all of the dishes!  So they know dishes.  What a proud mama moment for me to see that our boys take ownership of their job that helps our family out so tremendously.  And they do it joyfully. 

Looking down the aisle, they could not believe all of the products out there that could be helpful to them.  Then I brought shock and awe into their young lives.  I showed them those dish wands with the clear handle that holds dishwashing liquid.  You would have thought that I'd just shown them a way to keep clean without showering.  Boys this age aren't fans of that sort of thing. 

And you don't even have to ask -yes, I bought them one. 

Sweet, hilarious, and awesome all at the same time. 

2 comments on "shock and awe "
  1. Amanda,

    That's great! I love how invested they are in their chore!

    (And I had to chuckle when you made this comment: "Let's all work together and find a new line to say to moms in the store with a cartload of kids, okay?" SO true.)

    Blessings to you today, Amanda. AND-- GO dishwashing boys! (You do know you should have purchased two, right? They will both want to use it!)

  2. Hi Stacy! So far, so good with only buying one dish wand... haha


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