Sunday, February 17

interesting stuff

It's high time I share some of my recent favorite finds around the web with you.  Shall we? 

Try this on for size!  Ooh, la la... I love it. 

I love Mason Jars - you too?

Dr. Leman always makes me chuckle - great parenting advice to live by too!

Eeeenteresting - maybe you're the late one, or love someone who is. 

Dresses are my friend.  I love them and wear them every chance I get!  I think all of these dresses are fab, and modest too. 

And lastly, a homeschool article you really should read.  If you homeschool, or are a parent, you can breathe a collective sigh of relief along with me.

Happy Weekend to you all!  We have a birthday party tomorrow to celebrate our new 5 year old sweetheart - fun, fun!

2 comments on "interesting stuff"
  1. Love the link to the homeschool article. Feeling the academic pressure and loving the days when I let it go and read or take walks.

  2. Hello Amanda, I have been keeping up with your site for a few years now and enjoy readying your posts. I just wanted to say that if you like mason jars I have been selling them on etsy too. Come and check it out!
    My sister used to live in AK. She said it was beautiful there! Her hubby is in the Army so they move a bit and now are in CO.
    You have such cute kids. I love to see your pics of them!
    Keep up the good work!


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