Wednesday, February 20

wait a minute

You may remember, that I got off of facebook back in late August, just before the school year commenced.  It was a good choice for me.  A needed break and time to regroup.  I was away for 4.5 months, and it was good.  There were times the first couple of weeks that I'd think, "I should post that on facebook...,"  only to remember that there was no facebook. 
As the months went on, I began to really miss certain interactions.  I began to miss the everyday fun knowledge about my distant family members.  To see how my nieces and nephews were growing. 
And I thought, "Maybe I could get back on facebook, but with some parameters and ground rules." 
And that's just what I did back in January. 
I set three very specific criteria for my friends list, and I stuck to them.  My friends list is now down to just over 100 folks.  And I really like it that way.  There is virtually nothing to look at, no long news feed to scroll through. 
I'm sorry if we're friends in real life, and we're not friends on facebook too. It's the way it has to be. I use facebook as a tool to communicate in a very specific way.  And it's a very good tool at that!
But then I got to thinking...  maybe I should create a page to connect with blog readers and friends too!  And that I did.  As you will see on the sidebar, you can "Like" my new facebook page, and we can be friends there too. 
Have a wonderful night!  I'm spent, and as I posted on facebook just now, I'm going to soak in a hot bath and start rewatching Downton Abbey season 3 and pretend all is dandy that big house. 
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