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a coffee date


I absolutely loved what I read on this fun blog that I read, and it gave me the idea to have my own coffee date in a blog post with you!  Plus, those random posts I write from time to time that allow me to get out all of the things in my head can now be disguised under the premise of a coffee date with you, blog readers. 

So, if we were to sit down together in the quiet of a coffee shop, or on my couch during a rare peaceful moment, I would first hand you one of my favorite mugs filled with a steaming drink, then I'd take a nice deep breath, because it's so nice to just sit.  And then I would say, "So, what's new?" 

And you would proceed to tell me about what's going on in your life.  And I would try really, really hard to just listen.  I've been working on not interrupting for the last few months, and not having to put in my two cents.  I don't appreciate it when I can't get through a story, and I'm sure you don't either.  So I'll be good, and listen intently to what you're sharing. 

Then you might ask me what I'm up to lately, and I'll ponder briefly if I want to jump into the realities of my hard mommying month of January, or something light like the fact that I completely wiped out while walking on some ice this week.  I was walking to my car loaded down with the diaper bag slung over one shoulder, Emmalie in her carseat hanging in the crook of my elbow, and was carrying something in my only free hand.  I was commenting to my friend who was walking to the car with me, saying, "These boots have zero tract....."  I couldn't even finish the word "traction" and I was down.  On my rear, siting straight up with my legs out in front and Emmalie and her carseat on my lap. Amazingly, I felt fine right after falling, which was good, because I had a 25 minute drive in front of me at 11:00 p.m..  But I got home just fine, and then the pain set it.  I couldn't fall asleep for 2 hours.  I woke up painfully sore and have a bruise on my thigh where I "caught" Emmy's carseat.  Thankfully, she didn't feel a thing, but her mama, who isn't a spring chick anymore is feelin' it now. 

After I finished telling my falling on the ice saga, we might exchange falling stories, which always make me laugh.  I even laughed when I fell - it's just so funny to me!  One second you're up - the next you're down.  Granted, I've never broken a bone or been seriously hurt from fall - I don't think I'd be laughing then!

Then, you might notice that I'm not ordering my usual mocha or latte, and you might ask what prompted my uncharacteristic change to unsweetened tea. 

I would proceed to tell you that I had to begin again eating the Paleo way.  Dr.'s orders.  I saw her this week to get encouragement to begin again after taking a year's hiatus during the pregnancy and after, since I knew I had to.  Thankfully, there are tons of recipes out there to get you out of the doldrums I so often find myself in when eating this way.  And then I'd tell you that it really needs to be a lifestyle change for me, due to my body's reaction to sugar, grains, and dairy.  They don't affect me immediately like an intolerance or anything, but those bad yeast in my body sure love them and overgrow, resulting in unpleasant symptoms for me.  So it's starvation time for them, to get them back into their proper place.  Balanced and doing their job.

It truly has been hard for me to jump into eating this way again.  Mostly because it takes some thought and planning - and partly because I just love cookies and sweet stuff so much.  But that is what got me into this mess.   So that is why I'm having something like chai tea with unsweetened coconut milk today.  Then I'd sigh, because it sure isn't easy.  But God has provided lots of yummy fruits, vegetables, meat, nuts, and eggs for me to eat, and I'm thankful we have the means for me to take care of this health issue that has caused me so much trouble these last couple of years.  Plus, the great bonus is that the remainder of my baby weight is saying bye-bye.  It's nice when there's a perk, when you're doing something as hard as cutting out all carbs, sugar, and dairy, isn't it? 

Our conversation might then take a turn toward our children. 

You might tell me about the cute things your preschooler has been up to, or share about how your husband had "the talk" with your preteen son.  And I'd listen intently to that too, since we're right there with you.  You know, having "the talk" and all... it's looming.  We've had some talks, and when I say we, I mean Jeremy has had talks - but not the really big one.  I'd tell you that my youth pastor brother-in-law sent us some great resources, (this one and this one) but we've yet to read/listen to them.  It's on our never ending list of things to do - but we know that this one's a biggie. 

I might tell you that I fielded two questions this week that would have been a lot easier to answer, had we had "the talk" already - but thanks to listening to our audio Bible this week, I had to answer, "What's a prostitute, anyways?" and "What is a virgin?"  Lots of fun.  My answers were truthful, but not the whole truth.  Censorship is a good thing sometimes.  But someday soon, my Sunday School answers aren't gonna cut it. 

We may look outside and lament that the snow and ice will be around for three more months, and begin to dream of summertime.  I don't dream of spring, like you would if you lived somewhere that bloomed all alive like this, even though spring here eventually turns into summer - for spring is brown, drab, muddy, and still quite chilly around these parts.  But when those green buds begin to appear on the trees, I remind myself that I truly do love spring for the hope that it brings and the icy falls it prevents.

And our coffee date would end, either because our children came banging up the stairs looking for the moms, or because it's simply time to head out and head home.  But we'd smile at the hope of sitting again, warm cup in hand, sharing our lives.  I love a good coffee date - I have one tomorrow morning actually.  That is the main reason I need to wrap up our virtual coffee date (that I've been trying to crank out for three days now) and head to bed. 

It was wonderful to sit with you.  What would you share with me, if we were together like this?  I would really like to know.

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  1. I'd share about the Blessed Herbs experiment, for one, so let's get our after-kidsaretobed-tea planned!

    1. Yes, let's do! In the next 3 weeks maybe?

  2. I would share that I am thankful the Lord has blessed you, that you can share with me encouragement and stories that brighten my day. I would share that I struggle a lot with motherhood and keeping my home the way it should be. But, the Lord is leading me through my struggle. I would share that Sarah Fragoso has a couple of great Paleo cookbooks out (I have them) and that she has a blog. She has 3 boys and they love the food. Her food is not boring or a chore to make or eat. I would share that I am anticipating finally getting my house finished this summer, God willing, and want to have all my girl friends (even the ones I never see anymore) over for coffee. I'll have tea and unsweetened coconut milk too! God bless you, Amanda. ~Garie

    1. Garie,

      We can pray for each other in our struggles - one thing that I have to constantly remind myself of, is that I'm equipped for what God has given me to do each day. He is with us, and makes us able. I have Sarah's Everyday Paleo cookbook and love it! I use her blog as a resource too. Great stuff! I made Paleo Pizza this week, so good. I'm excited to experiment with sauces and toppings for next time. And that's exciting about your house project completion!! Have a wonderful rest of your weekend.

  3. I'm just smiling because my friend and five of her kids were just here for a couple of hours and all I can think about are all the conversations we started but DIDN'T finish. That's the reality in my world. :) We began conversations about:
    *extended family members
    *small group
    *struggles/challenges in parenting
    *her plans to raise sheep on their little farm
    *our busyness with Mark's work

    and several other snippets, but always interrupted and I don't know that we ever finished one of those conversation topics. :)

    Loved hearing about you!

    1. Isn't it amazing how moms can hold conversations with a bazillion interruptions and still (sort of) stay on track? I hope you get to have a coffee date to sit down and finish those conversations with your friend!

  4. Oh wow, it's been so long since I've gotten to sit down and talk to any other mamas over a cup of anything that I would probably just be giddy and not know where to start! A lot has happened since we've lived in Alaska, so we would just have a lot of catching up to do. :)

    1. Well, when you're in the neighborhood, let's make that happen!!!! I would LOVE that.

  5. This was great, Amanda! Thanks for the invite :) Oh, and love the cups!!!

    1. Thanks for coming by, Raechel! I've had those mugs for three years or so, and they're still my favorites. :)

  6. Oh Amanda- a coffee date would be so amazing! I'm sure I would share about my husband's struggles to find a new job. Or about the crazy things my toddler does or says. I know I would share about my struggles to keep God first and feeling like a constant failure as a mom. Satan's lies are so powerful but God's truth is more so! Working on clinging to that!!

    Oh, if we only lived a little closer!

    1. Hi Leah,
      I can relate all too well to feeling like a failure, instead of picking myself up and resting my thoughts on what God says aboout me. He is for us, and by His strength He will bring to completion the work he has started in us.

      God Bless you this week!


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