Thursday, June 21

the first week

We have a sweet angel baby on our hands.  She seriously is such a sweet girl.  She only cries when tired or hungry and has slept 8 hours straight the last two nights... UNHEARD OF.  I know.  I'm so thankful.  After having several newborns, I know this is not the norm, and I've slept better the last two nights with her on the "outside" than I did almost my whole pregnancy! 

She loves to be swaddled and falls asleep like a dream when we lay her down that way.

Oh, I love her sweet face, and I don't want to her to grow!!!  This morning Annika said, "I'm so happy when we have a new baby sister." 

On a side note, we've had amazing weather this week and Gabi has been sporting her adorable tutu swimsuit!  The yellow rubber boots are an added bonus.  She has been snuggling her baby doll a little extra since Emmalie came home, and loves to "help mama" with her baby sister. 

Daddy getting in some Emmy snuggle time too, he was playing around with her hat here... she looks like a little sprite! 

Annie, our amazing baby holder!!!  She's holding her at this moment... the second she woke up and saw me sitting with Emmalie on the couch, she had to hold her. 

So we're doing really well... feeling rested too.  The first two weeks are pretty intense, and I'd forgotten how much your body has to adjust back to normal in so many ways.  I'd forgotten that your organs get pushed out of the way by the baby, and they have to get back into place...  that hurt for a couple days...  I'd forgotten how much nursing and getting a milk supply going take over your mind.  And how much it hurts the first week or two.  I can feel that light at the end of the tunnel shining brightly.  Emmalie is a little rockstar, she's a great littler nurser - I'm so thankful for her!!! 

My mom being here is seriously saving me.  She is taking care of kiddos and meals so lovingly.  Such a huge gift to us! 

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  1. I love all the pictures! I'm so happy God is blessing you and is making this a smooth(ish) transition! Once again Amanda, you look amazing!!!!!

  2. What amazing blessings all the way around! From getting incredible sleep (yay yay yay!) to having such a good nurser to grandma's who see even the unspoken needs around the house. Thank you Lord for angel babies!! Hoping those adjustments of milk and feeling back to somewhat normal as your body adjusts go quickly for you! Amanda, you're simply glowing. I love seeing all the pictures of you.

  3. Your blog posts are always so inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

  4. AnonymousJune 27, 2012

    Dear Amanda,
    I am so thankful that everything went well. I will be praying for a speedy recovery for you as things get back to the new "normal" for you. The pictures are so sweet and priceless. I love the ones of little Emmalie. She is such a beautifl baby. I love the one of Annika on the couch with her. Annie looks so happy and content to be holding her little sister. The shot of Gabi with her yellow rubber boots and red tutu are hysterical. Gabi is a girl after my own heart as far as out of this world dressing goes. Thanks for posting. I still wish I could zap myself to Alaska and give you a hand.
    In Christ,


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