Monday, June 4

waiting for you

38 weeks, I cannot believe you're here!  This pregnancy has gone by quickly, but then again, when I think back to the first week of October when we found out I was pregnant, it seems like an eternity ago.

I go weekly to my appointments with the midwives lately... I love those days.

I seriously learn something new each time, fifth pregnancy and all!  There are three midwives at my birth center, two of which will be attending the birth, so I try to rotate who I see each time (we can choose) just in case they are the ones helping me through labor and delivery.  The are all wonderful, and I trust them completely.

 Look at this beautiful facility... oh, I love it here.

I have been so excited to experience natural birth with these midwives again this entire pregnancy.  Sometimes I would get teary at the thought of welcoming our little girl in such a serene and beautiful environment.  Wow, but now that her arrival could occur any day now, I'm more detail oriented in my thinking. 

Will Jeremy be over an hour away at work when things get going?

Or will he be home, and things start in the middle of the night or on the weekend?

It always works out, and we have lots of local help if he is at work or on his way home.  I'm so thankful for that, and am prayerfully trying to not over analyze the details that God already has worked out for our good!

At my appointment last Thursday, I requested to be checked for the first time and I was 2 cm dilated and 75% effaced, her head is at -1 station (low), and she is thankfully in the perfect position for delivery...  so things are brewing, and two weeks earlier than they were with my last pregnancy with Annika - which is exciting, but it also sets up some internal expectations for me.  But it also does give me some validation for the zillions of contractions I have and the pain/cramping I'm having.  I go again later this week, and I'll be excited to see if there is any more forward progress!  Who knows, I could have been sitting at 2 cm for weeks now.  

We're all getting really excited to meet this little girl!

My bag is all packed, I've bought everything I can think of that I will possibly need for myself and baby for afterwards.  So all we're set - the birth center bag and car seat sit at the ready to be grabbed when the time comes!

Stay tuned for baby news, maybe soon!

2 comments on "waiting for you"
  1. I can't wait to meet her. She better be coming soon ;) but if not I will admire from pictures till October. Praying everything goes well for you.

    Love you so much.

  2. AnonymousJune 06, 2012

    Dear Amanda,
    I will be praying for all the details of baby girl's delivery process. I will pray that whatever needs to happen or take place, will happen and take place. The birthing center looks like such a beautiful place to be. I'm so glad that you will be going back there to have this baby where you had Annika. Remember this: It is impossible to stop what God says will happen.
    In Christ,


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