Wednesday, July 4

Almost three weeks old!

Emmalie is two weeks old!  (Well, she'll be three weeks old in just two days...)  Blogging has dropped to a very low point on the priority list, but I do so enjoy it, so right before I have to feed Emmalie here, I'll attempt to finish this post I started days ago!  Here are some snapshots of Emmalie at two weeks. 

Since her weight gain from week one to week two was slow, I've spent the better part of every day nursing this sweetie pie to fatten her up for her three week weight check at the end of the week.
So I'm feeding her nearly one hour out of every three... so I've been spending a lot of time on the couch these days making sure she's had enough to eat.  I can check email and read blogs while I do that, but I can't type one-handed... hence the break in blog updates! 

She is such a sweet, happy girl.  Everyone still loves their turn to hold her. 

What a treat it was to have all three of our children's grandmas in one place!  My Mom (on the left) lives in Oregon, and left to go home last Friday... she was such a gift to our family!  She took care of so many things while she stayed two weeks with us.  She was so much help, I would have gone under if it wasn't for her!!!  Thank you, Mama!

How in the world did this baby fit inside my belly?  It amazes me each and every time I give birth! 

Here she is looking a LOT like her Daddy.

We are doing well, savoring each newborn day, they're so fleeting.  I'm recovering, but am still needing to take it easy.  Our friends and family are taking good care of us, and we're so thankful for all of the hot and frozen meals, gifts, and prayer.  God is so good to us. 

2 comments on "Almost three weeks old!"
  1. Oh wow I can't believe she is already three weeks. They grow so fast. She is so cute and precious. I am still so happy that I got to hold her before I left. I love seeing pictures and hearing the updates on your blog. Love you all so much.

  2. AnonymousJuly 12, 2012

    Hi Amanda,
    OK! This comment is a little more than late. I meant to get on and say something before this, but I wasn't able to until now. The pictures of Emmalie are too sweet. I love the ones of the kids holding her. I also love the one of her with Jeremy. I have never understood how babies fit inside the womb. You got some wonderful shots. Wish I lived closer so I could give you a hand. Thanks as always for sharing.
    In Christ,


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