Thursday, June 7

Getaway - days 5 & 6

This day, we woke up in Cannon Beach, OR and drove a few hours south to see Jeremy's sister Jennifer, our brother-in-law Jimmy, and our beautiful 8 month old niece, Aidyn!  We were so thrilled to see them, even if our visit was only from the late afternoon one day to the morning of the next. We miss living near our siblings soooo much!  But the fact that we got to see and spend time with three of them on this trip was so cool.  We treasured each moment.  

We went out to dinner, and came home and talked as late as we all could stay awake for.  Definitely something we're missing!!  We love you guys, and loved meeting Aidyn!  Thank you for having us!!

  (Don't Jimmy and Jeremy look like the siblings in the above picture??) 

I love you, sweet girl.

Uncle Jeremy getting in some snuggle time.  She was such a good sport being passed to us "strangers."

After we sadly said goodbye to these guys, we headed north on our longest drive yet all the way up to the Seattle area.  We stopped at a great outlet mall on the way up, it was so fun!!  

We had plans to drive to my Mom's best friend's home, to have dinner and see my Mom, who was visiting there, and see my sister one more time.  It was fast and furious, but we're so thankful to have seen them all!!!  

Helen, on the far left, has been best friends with my Mom (far right) for 40+ years!  
We used to live in Washington until I was eight years old, and my Dad was transferred out of state for his work, so these were our very best friends whom we hung out with nearly every waking moment.  Sarah was my best childhood friend, and it was so wonderful to see her!!  It had been around 10 years since I'd seen her, and I loved meeting her beautiful and fun daughter, Olivia.  

What a blessing of a trip this was... we fit in so much good quality time as a couple and the time with family and friends was an added blessing!  I'm excited to see my Mom in just a week - she'll be staying with us for two weeks to help out with our new baby transition!!!  She has been here with all five of our births...  love you Mama.  

I love this picture, I think I may have to have it framed... Mother and daughters.

After meeting up with this crew for dinner, we drove to SeaTac to return our rental car, took a shuttle to our hotel, finally got into our room at 1:30 am, and were up at 4:30 am to get to the airport to catch our flight!  Exhausting, but hey, we were still on vacation!!  None of that mattered - sleeplessness or not!!!  

We were so happy to see our kiddos after 6 days away - we felt refreshed, and ready to jump into the next chapter of our lives.  Seven children!!!!    

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