Sunday, June 3

Getaway - day 4

The trip continues - on to phase 3!  Just hanging out in Seaside and Cannon Beach, Oregon...  we got to hang with my sister Jen and brother-in-law Kris for the morning/afternoon before they had to drive back up north for the next phase of their kiddo-free trip.  It was super rainy again, the worst rain of our trip, so we never got to walk on the beaches even - but we expected that in this area, so we didn't mind at all.

Being a history buff, I loved being at the point where the Lewis and Clark trail ends at the ocean in Seaside just as much this time as the last time we were here on our honeymoon 13 years ago!   

My conquering sister.

After breakfast in Seaside, we headed over to Cannon Beach to our favorite childhood spot, Bruce's Candy Kitchen!  I'm still dreaming of all of the saltwater taffy that we devoured once we got home... we brought a lot of it back with us!  

Jeremy found a huge selection of bacon flavored goodies - YUCK.  

Oh, milk chocolate seafoam candy, I miss you like I miss my sister.  :)  Almost. 

Haystack Rock!  I near cried when I spotted it.  
Such a childhood icon for me!

Saying goodbye to Kris and saying see you in a couple days to my sister...  
we loved spending time together for these couple days!!  What a treat.  

This night, after they headed out, Jeremy and I stayed, shopped some more, had a nice dinner together, and stayed at an amazing inn for the night, then headed out after breakfast down south a few hours for more family fun!

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  1. AnonymousJune 06, 2012

    Dear Amanda,
    Hey, I recognize Haystack Rock! That's usually wh at it looks like most of the time. It looks like you and Jeremy had a blast with Kris and Jen. Jeremy looks like a regular kid in a candy store with his candy. Hmmmm, bacon flavored gummy candies, never heard of that before:-D Maybe someday I will get brave enough to try some of that. For now, you go for it, Jeremy:-D I always love walking the same steps as Lewis and Clark did. We walked part of their trail years ago when I was about 10. Thanks for posting. Looking forward to more.
    In Christ,


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