Tuesday, August 13

Vlog Episode #1 {Where Amanda Attempts Her First Video Blog Post: Homeschooling}

For a while now, I've been wanting to try my hand at posting vlogs (video blog posts) every now and again. This is my first attempt. I will understand if you never come back.

So goodbye.

It was nice sharing this space with you.  
But if you do decide to stick around, I'd love to hear your answers to my questions from the end of the video!
If you're a homeschooler, what are you up to this year?
What things would you like to see me "vlog" about in the future?

2013-2014 Curriculum Choices
7 comments on "Vlog Episode #1 {Where Amanda Attempts Her First Video Blog Post: Homeschooling}"
  1. Hey friend...so we have switched some things up this year as we were both feeling like something needed to change this next year. Instead of Classical Conversations, we switched to the kids going to a science and geography co-op 2 mornings a week & little guy doing preschool at same time, so Mom gets a couple hours to sip tea & write those mornings. (yay!) :) As for curriculum, we will still do the CC memory work and history/science, but use Teaching Textbooks for Math, draw through the book of Ephesians for Bible, Artistic Pursuits is the art curric we're working through (and LOVING), and Inst. for Excellence in Writing. I hope to be more intentional about having fun with my kids, just loving on them in that way since I have had some difficulty doing that well after being ON all day as teacher. Praying God will work on ME with this!!!

  2. Amanda,

    I think you did an excellent job on your first vlog. I look forward to many more.


  3. Aww, love seeing that face! Way to go!

    We're sticking with Ambleside Online - this will be our second year using it and we are totally in love. In LOVE! Yay. Still using RightStart for math for all the big kiddos and not sure what to send our oldest into when he's done with their geometry (around Christmas or so). We are trashing (yes!) most attempts to "do school" (as in workbook lessons, math and handwriting) with our two adopted-and-still-very-much-special-needs kiddos until they both are really ready to learn. Pushing them was aggravating for me, detrimental for the others, and not helpful for them, so we're just...not. We will read and play and paint and make messes, learning otherwise. :)

    Love you. Happy vlogging!

  4. Fun vlog! You are brave! I have to email a headband pic, which we won for our daughter (from you :-)...maybe later today...maybe. We are just starting homeschooling with our littles (everyone is 6 and under). I want it to be an enjoyable time soo soo badly. So, we are winging it, with little pressure! A little Five in a Row, a little Heart of Dakota (if we ever buy the book, which I also keep meaning to do), and hopefully a lot of character building and Bible memory (for me too- the Bible and character both). Prayers and advice appreciated!


  5. I struggled to open the video on mobile, so you might want to add a text link after the embedded video. Also next time, have the window in front of you instead of behind you so we can see you better. Great job!


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