Thursday, August 8

The UnWired Mom Challenge starts TODAY!

"The UnWired Mom Challenge is not a stay-off-your-computer-for-two-weeks challenge. It’s a challenge to help you try and break some habits and come up with a vision for living free and whole and un-addicted while still enjoying the benefits of the Internet."

I'm jumping in, friends, joining Sarah Mae's challenge. I purchased her e-book, The UnWired Mom, a couple days ago (it's a really quick read). It's only $2.50 as a PDF, or $4.99 for Kindle.  Click Sarah's name to learn more, find the coupon code for the cheap PDF version, and join in! 

As we prepare to start full-fledged school in less than a month, I've been working to be more intentional with my time on the computer (I've already begun kindergarten with my precious middle one so we can have some good one-on-one time before the rest join in.) I just know I'll need to have my ducks in a row and my heart focused on the important things like caring for my family and schooling the kids. Giving my top priorities the most time. 

This challenge comes at the perfect time!

Comment if you're joining in, I'd love to hear from you. 

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