Tuesday, August 27

Don't Forget Your Life Preserver {When Change is Hard}

Since I'm still not finished with the blog post I started yesterday, which I fully intended to have published 15 hours ago, I thought I'd just write about something else to clear the cobwebs.

Sometimes the brain needs to ponder something different to be productive. Though I'm not sure how productive this brain will be at 11:00 pm. But time will tell, right?

Tonight I made a list.

I'm good at lists. List-making is one of my love languages. Wait, that's not one of them?

Well, it should be.

For months, years really, there have been things nagging at me. Things I knew I needed to adopt in my everyday life that I've been avoiding. Like taking my supplements each day. I'm not talking big, spiritual things here. I'm talking small, healthy things that add up to big rewards.

So I made a list and shared it with my husband. And then I cried.

Not only because I'm now accountable to someone, but there's the whole humbling part of it all. I've been lazy, and I know it. I've been hiding behind excuses and fear. And I know it. I also know I can't do it alone.

We weren't meant for alone.

I don't care if you're single, married, young, or seasoned. You weren't meant for alone. That's one reason the body of Christ exists. We're the people that make alone untrue in your life.

A life preserver only makes you float if you put it on. And the people in your life only know you need help floating if you tell them.

Do you have a list of goals or changes you'd like to make that have been in your head for too long?

Get them down on paper, friend, then tell someone. Ask for their help.

Then stick that life preserver on and float like you mean it.

Are you willing to share an item from your list? I'd be honored to pray for you as you seek to make some changes.

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  1. Wow- great post! Still "chewing" on it :-) I can definitely relate to having a list, but I'm probably afraid to write it down!

    Thanks for the challenge!


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