Saturday, January 19

Trying some new things

Happy One Year Anniversary to The Scarlet Paisley!!! Yesterday marked one year at this new blog address. It's been therapeutic at times for me to blog, thank you for being along for the ride with me.

I am working on a few changes to make this blog more user-friendly and inviting.  I've made the comments section open again to anonymous commenters. They'll still be moderated by me, so if you sound strange or sketchy, you just won't be published, okay? I'll be better at replying to your comments too, they mean so much to me, thank you.

Photo Credit: Muffet  (Creative Commons)
This is a just a quick post to say I appreciate you coming by, I look forward to interacting with you soon. 

3 comments on "Trying some new things"
  1. Yeah! Thanks Amanda! ~Garie

    1. You are so welcome, Garie! I was blessed to read your email - so thankful for all God has done in/for your family. :)

  2. I love reading what you have to say! Looking forward to more!


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