Friday, January 4

Christmas Joy part 1

This Christmas was so wonderful.  We had lots of precious time spent with family from near and far.  This was the year for Jeremy's entire immediate family to be here for Christmas! 

Here are some photo highlights of our time together with family this Christmas season...

Loving on each other's babies was a hightlight for sure.  Here, Abie (our sister in law and Aaron's wife) holds her Katie and our Emmalie. 

We had some professional photos taken of the whole gang at Grandma and Grandpa's house while we're all together, here is our side view version!  Here is Jeremy, our brother in law Gerry, Jeremy's dad David, our brother in law Jimmy, and Jeremy's younger brother Aaron. 

11 Grandkids!

Back row:  Gavin, Anita, David, Annika
Middle row:  Dylan, Aidyn, Emmalie, Elias
Front row:  Drew, Levi, Katie, Morgan, Gabrielle

On Christmas Day, as has been tradition the last two Christmases (two years ago and now) when we're all together, we spent 3 days up at a Bible Camp, renting cabins and meeting room/kitchen for fun and games and uninterrupted time together!  Here is the two and three year old crowd out on a walk with me. 

It is wonderful to not get cell service, not have internet, and not having anything pressing to do and just be together.  We'd highly recommend it.  Plus, the fun to be had sledding, snow machining, playing games, watching movies, and eating is unsurpassed!

Heather (Jeremy's youngest sibling) and Eli

Jimmy, Jennifer (Jeremy's oldest sibling), and Aidyn

It's super fun when uncles are willing to be silly and play Dazzling Princess with the girls! 

sweet Katie

Singing Happy Birthday to Jesus with Grandma! 

... and then praying to give Jesus a gift from their hearts.
What a gift from God this time together was.  We miss then all so much!  And are so thankful to connect all together in the same state. 

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  1. How wonderful! Thanks for sharing Amanda! What a fabulous gathering you all had! xo


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