Wednesday, January 16

from Narnia to Downton Abbey


When the notion hits and we've consumed too much sugar, Annika and I love to speak to each other in our best English accents.  We are inspired by Miss Lucy Pevensie and her siblings from the world of Narnia. 

It helps that today, we're surrounded by fresh, fluffy snow and could step right off the front porch into Narnia.  I love doing all the voices when I read out loud to the kids, and British accents are my favorite.  Throw in a little (or a lot) Downton Abbey and you've got a happy girl.

As a side note, the character of Lady Mary Crawley looks like my mom did as a young woman, though I favor my mom in looks, I'm lacking the dark eyebrows like she and Lady Mary possess.  I love to duplicate the voices and accents I hear on Downton Abbey - and have found some fun new espressions to try out on my kids. 

Try these in your best British accent:

"Have you done something jolly with your hair?" - Sir Anthony to Lady Edith

"What happened to you?  Have you swapped places with your evil twin?" - Mrs. Patmore to Daisy

“Daisy, what’s happened to you? I said you could go for a drink of water, not a trip up the Nile.” - Mrs. Patmore to Daisy (again)

My little cohort in English accents has gone outside to play in Narnia, and I'd better move on to getting the toddlers up from their naps.  So cheerio!  Or, so long! 


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  1. I love Narnia and Downton Abbey. I just got hooked on Downton Abbey this last year. Very good series, one I would feel okay with walking out of the room when my niece is visiting. I'm obsessed with Narnia. Just ask your cousins in Oregon:-) I'm afraid I look for Portals into Narnia at every turn. Thanks for the fun post.
    In Christ,


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