Monday, January 7

Christmas Joy part 2

Our Christmas was so full of wonderful memories! 
This was one of them:  Christmas Eve spent with my Dad and Marla Kay making homemade pizzas and these fun sugar cone Christmas tree treats! 

To make these sweet treats:
frost upside down sugar cones
with green frosting (buy premade icing to make it easy)
then decorate with your choice of candies
Adorable ~  Thanks Grandma Marla Kay!

Our little monkey loved his new fleece monkey blankie so much he had to
 try it out right after unwrapping it! 

Handmade doll dresses - so beautiful and intricate.

Brothers together at last!  


2 comments on "Christmas Joy part 2"
  1. Those doll dresses are adorable!

  2. Love the Christmas Tree cookie masterpieces. The doll dresses are too cute. Levi looks snuggly and warm in his new monkey blanket. Looks like a great time was had by all. Thanks for sharing. OH and yes, this comment is 8 months late.
    In Christ,


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