Wednesday, December 12, 2012

o felt Christmas tree, o felt Christmas tree...

We were gifted this fun felt tree and ornaments last week, and the toddler crowd has been having a blast with it!  A sweet friend of ours made it for us - we have nothing like it, and it adheres to the wall with velcro command strips which come right off the wall when we're done for the season. 
Finally, ornaments Gabi and Levi can take on and off all they want! 



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  1. Hi Amanda,
    That is a REALLY NEAT idea! I might have to figure out how to get one for us. We sometimes have had trouble with all of our kiddos when they were little, taking all our glass ornaments off the big tree. A few precious ornaments have gotten broken from time to time. This little felt tree is a great thing for little ones because they can take the ornaments off and put them back on without doing any harm to themselves/the tree/the ornaments. It looks like Gabi and Levi love it. Way to take ornaments off and put them back on the tree without getting into trouble or getting hurt. Perfect set up! Thanks for sharing.
    In Christ,


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