Saturday, December 15

Happy 1/2 Birthday!

Emmalie Claire is 6 months old today. 
Half a year has gone by already!!  She is a darling little sweetie who makes us all melt. 
Here's what she's been up to:
started eating some solids in the last week
rolls well from tummy to back
occasionally rolls back to tummy
chews on everything!
giggles the most adorable giggle
howls when she's unhappy
blows bubbles and raspberries
squeals with delight when someone plays with her
started sleeping through the night again, after a 3 month hiatus (thank you, Jesus!)
Oh, we are so thankful for our baby Emmy. 
Redemption is here. 

2 comments on "Happy 1/2 Birthday! "
  1. She's getting so big and is as cute as ever : )

  2. Love the expressions and love the smile. She is so C-U-T-E!!!!!
    In Christ,


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