Tuesday, December 4

It's tradition.

There is a long-standing tradition in our family.
A new family member arrives on the scene, and you can guarantee that a few weeks before their first Christmas they will be gifted with a handmade stocking crafted with love by Grandma Marla Kay!
I received my stocking as a young teenager and Jeremy received his back in 1999 as we celebrated our first Christmas together as a married couple. 
We've kept our dear Grandma busy, I must say, with all of this sewing of stockings business...  over this last weekend, we were gifted once again when Emmalie received her anticipated stocking delivery.  We are so blessed by this each and every year as we unpack our Christmas boxes and receive again some handmade love.  Thank you!!!! 

1 comment on "It's tradition."
  1. MK, the love you show us with this tradition is so wonderful. I was just talking to Gavin about the possibility of you coming by and then...there you were. We love you so much and love the heirlooms that you are creating for our family.

    Thank you from my heart. Jeremy


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