Tuesday, December 4

if only it were that easy

If it were just Jeremy and I, and we had no children, this photo would mostly likely be made into our Christmas photo card for the year.  Oh, how easy and carefree it is for two adults to look at the camera and smile even when the temperature is nearing zero degrees.  Our dear friend took just eight pictures of the two of us, and there are several good ones. 
Contrast that with the sixty-eight she had to take of our whole family on this freezing cold day resulting in maybe two that will work.  It is soooo difficult to get seven kids and babies to all look at the camera and maybe, just maybe look pleasant too. 
There are so many hilarious outtakes.  Wanna see one? 

Did I mention it was COLD?
This picture could have worked.  Emmalie wasn't even crying.  That was no small miracle since we took her out of her carseat where she was sleeping just minutes earlier.  7 out of the 9 of us are looking at the camera and have a semi-pleasant expression.  Another miracle. 
 But it seems as if a rare arctic monkey had taken up residence in a nearby birch tree and Levi and Morgan are clearly distracted by him.  Sigh.  This was one of my favorites of everyone else. 
I am not well-trained in super imposing heads off of another photo to magically turn them into smiling and looking versions of themselves.  I wish I was.   
So if you're on our mailing list, just know that the card that reaches your mailbox is a miracle in and of itself.  I just thought you should know.  But I press on through monkey-in-trees spying children, sour expressions, blinks, the no-look, and screaming babies because I love, love, love sending out an updated picture each year.  And I'm one determined woman. 
 This just in:  I just was informed that the monkey-lookers were indeed looking at a magpie. 
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