Saturday, December 1

adding some twinkle

The house is ready for Christmas.

A few years ago, we started the tradition of starting at lunchtime with a buffet of simple, yet yummy foods that are considered treats to us and continue to graze on the fun food and drinks through dinnertime until the day is done and the house is decorated. 

I've been learning about letting go of my ideals and plan for the house at Christmastime.  Decorating the house for Christmas is one area that has always been my domain and I've always wanted it to look just perfect.  Simple, but perfect.  This year, I was challenged to let go of my ideals, and let the kids and Jeremy share their ideas and implement them.   

The kids decorated the tree by themselves this year.  And it looks beautiful. 

We hung the stockings which we have now run out of hooks for, got out the nativity sets, and strung some greenery garlands around and about. 

The Little People nativity sits under the tree for our own little people to play with.  The Playmobil nativity sits on my desk downstairs for the bigger kids to play with.  And the Willow Tree Nativity sits up on top of a bookshelf, begging for more pieces to be added to it.  I look forward to getting it out each year.

It was 2 year old Gabrielle's turn to put the star on top of the tree this year!  It was her first time.  She now affectionately calls it, "my star."  Drew is counting down the years until it's his turn again.  He'll be 15 when his turn comes around again after Levi and Emmalie get their turns.  Sorry, bud. 

This is Gabi's third Christmas home with us!  What a whirlwind these last couple years have been.  

Celebrating the birth of Christ during Christmastime  is one of my favorite things to do.  It is always a sweet time of loving God through our actions as a family, rejoicing at the birth of our Savior that came to earth as a baby, and taking part in traditions that bind us closer together as a family. 

2 comments on "adding some twinkle"
  1. Amanda~
    Oh, it looks so pretty! You have good taste. Gabi is SO adorable!

  2. I love your family!! That first picture of Gabi with the star is precious!!! I miss you guys and hopefully we can come visit soon! :) Things are going really well, and everyone around here is starting to feel settled and rested. Hannah Ershu is such an amazing person, I am feeling very blessed to be her mom and excited about life together!

    Love you guys!
    Maria Cross


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