Friday, November 30

November moments

I caved and upgraded our photo storage - blog posts are so much happier with photos! 

As mentioned before, we were plagued with sickness in the month of November...  we had children falling asleep all over the place at random times of the day; something that never happens!  I just love this photo of Levi sacked out on the couch during playtime in the morning after breakfast. 

We had our first snowfall somewhere in there, but then it disappeared and we have yet to see snow fall again!  But the forecast calls for some more of the fluffy white stuff in about a week.  The kids will be thrilled. 

Little brother having his first snow angel lesson.  

Here is Morgan, once again, being the super big sister that she is.  She adores Emmy (as they all do) and loves to help out with her whenever she gets the chance. 

2 comments on "November moments"
  1. thanks for making me cry.....:( such precious kiddos! Mee-Moo is absolutely stunning.. Wish her and I could have an Auntie date. We would go nuts. <3 all of you.

  2. Oh my goodness. I just teared up seeing these pictures. It really shows me how much I miss everyone at home and I can't wait to come and see everyone. Miss you guys and I will be home in 5 days now!


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