Thursday, November 29

Advent Season

Advent season is close at hand, and I thought we'd venture out this year and read and do something new.

For the last couple of years, we have read through my friend Mukkove Johnson's book "Christmas is About Jesus."  It is fantastic.  If you don't own it - go snag yourself a copy, and while you're at it, buy her brand new book, "Easter is About Jesus" too.  You can buy both here.  There are also coloring pages and ornaments you can download and print. 

This year, we're going to read through Ann Voskamp's "A Jesus Advent Celebration".  It is downloadable (74 pages) and comes with printable ornaments you can color and hang on the tree.  Read her blog post about it here!  She is so much more eloquent than I. 

 We are decorating our home for Christmas tomorrow!  I can't wait. 

4 comments on "Advent Season"
  1. Howells are doing this too!!!!! I desperately need daily Christmas focus...the days slip away all too quickly with hustle here and there. Did u print it already? Love u and all my bacon cutie pies.

    1. Oh good! I am only printing the ornament pages... I bookmarked the whole thing, and will just pull it up daily I think to read. I'll have to look closer to see if this method will work. It seemed like way too many pages to print. I thought about emailing it to a local print shop and seeing how much it would cost too.

  2. You might have seen this around, but here's another children's advent e-book with ornaments/devotionals. It's called Truth in the Tinsel, here's the link:
    I haven't done it, but it looks really great!

    1. Funny, Caitlin! I was just introduced to it this morning! Looks great- maybe for another year to come? :)


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