Monday, November 5

me and my dwarves

When I got home from a quick trip to the store yesterday, I told Jeremy that the young cashier told me I looked like Snow White. 

I said thanks and told her that I'd never heard that one before! 

She looked crazy surprised at that.  And I was crazy surprised at her reaction, and knew I needed to get to a mirror.

Jeremy was quick on his feet, despite a monster flu bug that has him down at the moment, and exclaimed, "Did you tell her you have 7 dwarves??" 

Oh man, why didn't I think of that!!?? 

I looked in the mirror to see what that young girl saw, and surprised myself - I wore my shoulder-length hair straight yesterday, but it curled under at the bottom and was pulled back in a headband.  And I was wearing a red puffy vest and scarf.  Yup, Arctic Snow White!

Then the kids and I started teasing about who would be which dwarf.  Hilarious. 

Since there weren't better options, here's how we assigned them:

Drew = Doc  (yup, Mr. Bookworm)
Gavin = Happy  (pretty much)
Morgan = Sleepy  (she was asleep on the couch with the flu)
Annika = Sneezy  (well, no - but there wasn't a dwarf named "Singy")
Gabi = Bashful  (in new places, yes)
Levi = Grumpy  (um, Levi definitely has his moments!)
Emmalie = Dopey  (drool and a smile?)

The dwarves and I are about to start our school day, praying that the flu flees and the rest of us (me included) will stay healthy. 

3 comments on "me and my dwarves"
  1. Haha! Love this. I needed a smile tonight!

  2. Haha! We are just getting over a 36 hour stomach flu. It was aweful. I hope you all are well soon.

  3. That is just so adorable. I love you and your seven dwarfs. I miss all your sweet faces. I will be home in a month. I can't wait to see you all. Love and miss you!


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