Friday, May 25

so much to celebrate!

Happy start of summer to us! 

Jeremy and I just returned from a amazing getaway out of state for 6 days, with the kids remaining at home with Grandma and Grandpa for part, and friends for part!  Pictures and stories soon to come. 

Also, we wrapped up our year of homeschooling last Thursday, ahhhhhh - SUMMER!

Aaaand I'm nearing the 37 week mark in this pregnancy - just 3 more days until I'm "legal" to deliver at our birth center and out-of-hospital!  Yay, baby!!!

 This was taken one week ago at Jeremy's brother and our sister-in-law's house!  Good times!

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  1. AnonymousMay 26, 2012

    YAHOO for an out of state get away!!! I bet the two of you had a wonderful time. Yes, I'm looking forward to pictures and stories to come. AHHHHHHH SUMMER is right!!! YIPPEE for finishing this last year of homeschooling!!! Congrats to the kids and Mom for a job well done! YAY for nearing the 37th week and being almost legal to deliver at your birth center and out of the Hospital!!! WAHOO!!!! Thanks for sharing.
    IN Christ,


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