Thursday, May 3

He's flying now

This little boy is flying free.

 Jeremy and I can both see it.  

Ever since his adoption was finalized two weeks ago, he's a different boy.  

It's like God flipped a switch in his little heart.  

He's home. 

I've never seen anything quite like it.   

A lot of the behaviors that could easily be put in the category of normal toddler behavior have vanished.  

Like several of them, all at once!

It's astounding. 

He's a free little boy.  

He is accepted.  Loved.  Welcomed.  

He has a family.  

Oh, I love him.  

Every day when Jeremy gets home from work, Levi greets Jeremy jumping up and down with his arms held high to be tossed up in the air.  Thank goodness we have vaulted ceilings.  

It's his favorite place to be.  

In his Daddy's arms flying free.  


God has done huge and great things for you, Levi.  

And He will continue to do so.   

 You just wait and see. 

3 comments on "He's flying now"
  1. So precious!! I love these pictures and your words...and I am so happy for him (and you all)


  2. AnonymousMay 04, 2012

    Hi Amanda,
    I love the adorable shots of Levi in flight. I am so thrilled that he has seemed to sense that he's safe. It's amazing that all the seemingly "normal" toddler behaviors have just vanished since his adoption finalization. Yes, God has flipped a switch on hn his little heart. God has done great things for Levi and may he continue to do more wonderful things through him someday. Welcome home Levi-Man! Thanks for the sweet post and pictures.
    In Christ,


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