Thursday, May 3

33 weeks

Wow, we're getting there!  33 weeks, eek! 

I've been asked a couple times this week if I feel apprehensive or nervous about the upcoming birth, and I can eagerly and with assurance, answer no.  If you would have asked the Amanda who was pregnant in 2000, 2002, or 2004 you may have gotten a different answer.  I have such amazingly caring and informative prenatal care this time, the same with Annika in 2008 - there is a tremendous difference.  As I have been since the start, I have been excited about this baby girl's birth.  I get teary just thinking about the moment she is out and in our arms, I truly cannot wait to see her.   I feel so thankful to be experiencing this all over again.  I feel so excited.  Truly!

There are fears regarding other things with this pregnancy that Satan is attempting to get at me with.  But, I'm keeping myself steeped in God's truth and promises so that Satan has no room here.  Take a hike!   

At the moment, I'm sitting here at the kitchen table burning my birth playlist CD's.  One is a compilation of songs I've downloaded over the last year or two, and the other is the Passion 2012 live CD.  I also plan on bringing BBC's Emma soundtrack, along with the 2011 Passion CD.    I think I'm set!  I love music, and it's so comforting and encouraging to me.. 

That's all for now from Amanda's world of pregnancy! 

3 comments on "33 weeks"
  1. So glad that all is well with your prenancy! It is so good to have a nice one! Trusting GOD is the only way to bring you thru ANYTHING. Aren't you glad that we can call on him in any situation?! Can't wait to meet your newest member!I am sure she will be adorable!:)

  2. Oh,You look so good! Love the pregger belly!:)

  3. AnonymousMay 04, 2012

    WOOT! WOOT! 33 weeks pregnant, and 7 weeks left to go!!! Congrats once again. You look great. I bet you are all so excited to meet this little girl as well as the rest of the extended families. Get as much rest as you possibly can, I know that's hard to do with little ones around. Wish I could be there to give you a day off.
    In Christ,


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