Thursday, June 26

Stitch Fix #3 {Skinny Jeans & Fab Shirts}

In the middle of the work and fun that came with the launch of a new website and podcast for moms, Stitch Fix #3 arrived in my mailbox back in the first week of May! I just love Stitch Fix days!

Read more about Stitch Fix HERE - and also check out Stitch Fixes #1 and #2.

When I scheduled this fix, I requested a pair of skinny jeans to try. I have the hardest time finding them to fit my body. They're either too tight in the waist and just right in the legs or vice versa. I love them under dresses and long shirts and have been eager to find a really nice pair I would actually wear.

Item #1 - Renee C, Vancouver Abstract Print V-Neck Blouse

I loved this shirt from the moment I clamped eyes on it. I have nothing in this print or combination of colors. I wore it right out of the box to Bunko that night. It's a winner!

Item #2 - Papermoon, Wynn Mixed Dot Print Front Pocket Blouse

I'll admit it - when I saw this shirt peeking out from around the other items in my box, I didn't know whether to laugh my head off or sigh. It reminded me of mint chip ice cream and looks like it'd be worn by women who are greatly my senior. I absolutely loved the sheer and light nature of the shirt and the fit and cut too. But the print and color combo are just not me. So I sent it back. It was the easiest decision I've yet to make in any one of my Fixes.

Item #3 - Peach and Gold Bib Necklace

While it would have been fun to receive a fun new necklace in my box, this one just didn't do anything for me. It was virtually the same color as my skin, and I try to steer clear of pastel colors because they do a really good job of washing me out.

Item #4 - Kut From the Kloth, Faith Skinny Jean

I was so pleased to see this pair of jeans just like I'd requested in just the right color! I slipped them on right away, and guess what? They were a perfect fit in the waist and through the legs. Unheard of! I'm still not up for wearing skinnies by themselves with a shorter shirt, but you can bet I've been wearing these with long shirts and under dresses since I pulled them out of the box.

Item #5 - 41Hawthorn, Moni Stud Detailed 3/4 Sleeve Blouse

Ooh, and then there's this one. I swooned big-time over this gem of a blouse. It's this wonderful combo of sheer, stretch, and thickness in just the right color for me. Jewel tones are a fair-skinned girl's best friend. I don't know if I've ever liked any shirt better!

:: :: ::

Well, that's it! It only took me nearly two months to finish this blog post. I have another Fix coming mid-July, so I thought I'd better get to moving!!!

Care to try Stitch Fix yourself? Fill out your online style profile (HERE), and for just $20 you'll get your very own box of goodies in the mail! Try it all on, and use that $20 toward purchasing one of the five items in your Fix. Pop the things you don't like back in the mail in a pre-paid shipping bag. Easy. Like it all? Take 25% off the whole order for keeping all five things. Get started here!

P.S. I do get a $25 credit to my account for every person that tries it for the first time. Win - win! Then when you try it, advertise your Fix to your friends and family and online using your personal referral code, and gain some credit yourself!

2 comments on "Stitch Fix #3 {Skinny Jeans & Fab Shirts}"
  1. I am waiting for my fix to come mid Aug.!!! I am so excited to see what they will send to me! I love the idea of having it sent to me and then trying it on in my own home. I really dislike trying things on in stores.;)
    I have a ? for you. I don't have instagram so I can't ask you on there but, in the last pic you had out a planner and I was wondering what kind it was. I am looking for one for school and I just can't seem to find one that I really like.
    Thanks for sharing your fix with us! Looking forward to more.

    1. How fun, Kristina! I think you'll really have fun with this!

      Okay, so I bought that planner at Target last summer, and it runs out this weekend at the end of June. But I now have this year's version, and I love it too. They're made by a company called BlueSky. The one for this year comes in a coral or teal color. Hope that helps!


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