Sunday, February 2

Stitch Fix #1 {I'm Hooked}

Today my very first Stitch Fix arrived in the mail! I nearly tackled Jeremy as he walked in the door with it. But instead I grabbed my iPad and snapped a picture. He was more than happy to pose for his ridiculously giddy wife.

Never heard of it? I shared what Stitch Fix is all about last week HERE.

When I scheduled this Fix, I specified that I'd love to have a tunic (long shirt) or two included. I like wearing skinny jeans, but I'll only wear them under a loooong shirt. I've been scouring stores lately looking for some well-made tunics, but I usually only shop clearance racks, so it's been a challenge to find anything that fits my criteria.

Well, my stylist (I love that I can say that) included two tunics in this Fix, and I was so pleased to see them. And then there's my unhealthy addiction to stripes. She fed that addiction by including three striped items in my box. I love her already.

Seriously, this company has great marketing and sheer awesomeness down pat. Look at those little style cards (above right) giving me ideas for styling the pieces they sent! Genius. And then there was a little personal note from my stylist. She had gone to my Pinterest My Style fashion board (I provided the link) to better understand what I like to wear. Or dream to wear. Either way.

Stitch Fix nailed it. I should note that every time I type out Stitch Fix, I accidentally type Stitch Fitch.

I completely loved all five pieces in my Fix, but I did not love posing for awkward full-lenth mirror selfie after awkward selfie to share this fun experience with you. It was torturous. I took 88 pictures for the five semi-decent ones below. Clearly I need to get better at this sort of thing. Obviously this is not required, but I really wanted to share all of this with you. Who knows? You may end up trying it to!

I have to give a disclaimer right here at the start, because I kept it ALL and you're going to think I'm a regular old money bags. I absolutely am not. I have seven kids -- enough said.  

I was able to buy all five items in this Fix because I had enough credit in my account (thanks to a Christmas gift card and credit from friends signing up to try it too) to cover all but $54.50 of it. So I would highly recommend telling your friends about it, should you decide to pay the $20 and give it a try!

Now that the items of business are out of the way, here's what I got in my box:

Item #1 -  Peach Cream Love, Archibald Printed Henley Tunic

This tunic was perfect, and so, so me. The fabric was thick and nice, and super soft too. It was a perfect fit. Nothing pulling or too tight. This was a natural keeper that I won't be wearing with leggings when I wear it out of the house. Skinny jeans or a skirt are more like it... In my book, leggings go under dresses or are worn to bed. They are not real pants. 

Item #2 - Lasome, Pacific Chevron Print Skirt

See? I told you these selfies were hard. When in doubt, just make a funny face!
I'm so crazy in love with chevron print, but I never expected to find it on an item of clothing in my box. What delight! I love this knit skirt, it is so twirly and flowy, and is made of a thick material. Not like those jersey knit skirts that are thin and stick to you, showing (ahem) everything. The length falls just right on my 5'5" frame. LOVE.

Item #3 - 19 Cooper, Clemency Diamond Print Tab-Sleeve Tunic

This second tunic made me so happy as well. I love the colors (navy/coral), they help get me out of the color rut in my closet. The length is great, and so is the fit. Again, I won't be wearing this in real-life with leggings, but that's what I grabbed today. I love me a good tunic. Long shirts rock when you're birthed five babies and would love some midsection camouflage. 

Item #4 - 41Hawthorn, Corinna Striped Dolman Top

I was excited to pull this shirt out of the box for two reasons: the stripes and the red.
Red is my favorite color to wear and to see, but right now, I don't own any red shirts. For shame! So this little number is a welcome addition to my closet. Plus, it's comfy and fits just right. I'm amazed at how well everything fit. This NEVER happens to me in a store dressing room. In your style profile, it has you list your height, weight, body type, etc... I'd imagine that greatly helps them figure out what will work for your body.

Item #5 - Loveappella, Dellen Chiffon Trim Striped Thermal

You can't tell from the picture, but this shirt is a waffle-knit thermal. It's extremely comfortable, and is trimmed with black sheer chiffon fabric at the bottom. I honestly would have passed it right by in a store because of the $54.00 price tag. But, since I received 25% off the entire box for buying all five items, it was was a no-brainer to keep it too. I really do like it, and it can be worn in so many ways!

So I'd say this first Stitch Fix was a huge success! 

I plan to schedule another fix in the next few months, and have an idea of what sort of items I'd like to see in the next box. Go ahead, give it a try!!! There's nothing like trying on clothes in the comfort of your own home that a stylist picked out just for you. 

I'm curious, which item was your favorite??

6 comments on "Stitch Fix #1 {I'm Hooked}"
  1. What a great idea! And my fav is number 3. You look very stylish yet comfortable in it. :)

  2. Wow! This is the second time I have heard about Stitch Fix. It must be a sign that I need to get and order in!:)
    I really like #1 and #3. I really love you style. You have GREAT taste is clothing.:) (I agree with you that leggings are for under skirts/dresses. NOT as pants!:))
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Chevron print skirt!!! I want quick question, I couldn't figure out how to link a Pinterest style board to my account. Any suggestions, and of course I didn't have a style Pinterest board until now...I am feverishly adding stuff in hopes they get my "style" :) I am so happy you posted your pics, I checked out other bloggers boxes and I really didn't like a lot of their stuff and almost cancelled until I saw yours. Great stuff.---Adriel

  4. The chevron skirt! Actually, that entire outfit was my favorite! But you looked great in all of them. :) I'm going to have to look into this Stitch Fix thing... sounds like a dream, someone else shopping for me and me trying it on at home? Lovely...!

  5. I got my 5th Stitch Fix this month - all are going back AGAIN! I have purchased exactly one item and I have never even worn it. Every time I love an item, the size just is wrong - too big or too small or neckline doesn't lay right. Sometimes the item just is not worthy of the price. (And I shop at specialty stores, not discount stores!). It's sad because there always is at least 1 item I desperately want to keep!!

  6. Hi Amanda,
    Oh My Word!!! I love your outfits!!! They are too cute!!! I just gave away a whole bunch of clothing to the Secondhand Store, so maybe I will play around with some similar patterns next time I go clothes shopping. You are too cute!!! Thanks for posting.
    In Christ,


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