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Stitch Fix #2 {A Dress and a Twist}

Want to find out what Stitch Fix is all about? Read this first.
Also, see Stitch Fix #1, where I ended up loving and keeping all five items.

One week ago I received my second Stitch Fix box in the mail. After the success of my last fix back at the start of February, I was eager to try it again. This time, I requested that my stylist include a dress and one of those "drapey sweaters that cross in the front"... I think that's how I described it. Even though I had no clue what that kind of sweater was called, she nailed it and sent exactly what I was looking for.

Before we start, I will reiterate how awkward it is to take full-length mirror selfies. This time I tried not to be such big goof like I was last time, and ended up looking unhappy. I'm not unhappy, just awkward. See? I told you.

Item #1 - Pomelo, Sedona Dot Print Shirtdress

I loved this fabric and this style from the moment I pulled it out of the box. The only problem was that it looked like a giant sack without the belt tied around it. But after putting it on and adding tights, boots, and a scarf, I loved it and the fit was fine. I kept this shirtdress, and will happily and comfortably wear it often. I wore this to church yesterday with leggings and the same boots. If I was a mannequin and did nothing but stand around all day, tights would have worked just fine. But lifting and mommying aren't conducive to an above knee dress and tights in my book.
P.S. This dress is made of tencel, that oh-so-soft and buttery, yet substantial material.
Item #2 - Rikka, Betty Chevron Infinity Scarf

From the moment I laid eyes on this beauty, I knew it was a keeper. Chevron print and a light wispy material = a WIN. I've worn it several times this last week, and have even been tempted to wear it all day around the house. I wish I could gift each and every one of you with one of your very own. This could easily turn into some sort of Linus blankie for me. Please tell me chevron won't ever go out of style and leave the stores for me to buy.

Item #3 - Oxmo, Jayla Front Twist Sweater

Front twist sweater! That's what this is called. I should have known. This sweater caused me some silly girl turmoil. I love the light fabric, the style, and the perfect fit. But the color. The color! I don't own a single stitch of fabric that is coral or orange-ish. And there's a reason for that. My fair skin will tell you why. But this particular color had the potential of winning me over. I put this picture on facebook last week asking for advice. The ladies were mixed, but gave great suggestions for making it work for me. But in the end, I sent it back. I couldn't justify spending a good amount of cash (or precious Stitch Fix credit) on something I'm on the fence about.
Item #4 - 41Hawthorn, Callafia Short-Sleeve Wrap Dress

This dress. I so was excited to lift it out of the box and feel its weight, while drooling over the rich blue. I was really hoping it would fit and not cling to every area in a not-so-attractive way, like the thinner version of this fabric has a habit of doing. But it didn't. Goodness, I love this dress. I love the length, the classiness, and versatility. I plan to wear it to a wedding next month. It'll be perfect (after I iron it or something.)

Item #5 - Gilli, Dawn Jersey Chevron Print Maxi Skirt

I want to give a shout out to my stylist because I love chevron. She mentioned that she didn't want to overload me with chevron prints (which I don't mind), but wanted to give me a chance to look at these pieces before they went out of stock. Which I think is great.

I wish I'd gotten a better picture of this shirt in it's full-length glory, but all the other pictures were blurrier than this one. I sent this skirt back only because I'd just kept a black and white chevron skirt in my last fix. The style and chevron prints were different, but I thought I'd control myself and not own two skirts in the same color and pattern. The only thing I didn't like about it was the fabric. While it was extremely comfortable, it was made out of what felt like a swimsuit with no lining. Super stretchy and comfy, but see-through. I tried it on with a slip, but still. It felt precarious.

So there you have it, Stich Fix #2. I'm loving the anticipation of these boxes and scheduled my next one for two months from now... I can hardly wait.

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